12  May  2021

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A Method For Predicting the Injection-withdrawal Performance Of UGSs Rebuilt From Gas-cap Oil Reservoirs
In China, underground gas storage (UGSs) rebuilt from gas-cap oil reservoirs are currently at their beginning stage of construction and operation, so there is no injection-withdrawal performance analysis and prediction method available for field application. Based on the pressure response features of gas and oil phases in the process of gas-cap injection and production, the relationship between the cyclic variable movable remaining oil and the reservoir pressure was introduced to reproduce the effect of remaining oil on UGS performance during its operation. Then, a mathematical model was established to predict cyclic gas injection-withdrawal performance. And finally, the following parameters were obtained for one complete gas injection-withdrawal period, including the free gas in the gas cap, the movable remaining oil and the corresponding storage capacity parameter prediction index. It is shown from case studies that the effect of the cyclic movable remaining oil on the produced free gas of the gas cap should not be neglected and its elastic action causing complex alterations in the pressure response features within the gas cap may lead to a longer ramp-up period in gas-cap reservoir UGS than that in gas reservoir UGS. Besides, the produced free gas and the movable remaining oil in the storage increase gradually with the proceeding of injection-withdrawal operation, but the increasing rate declines steadily. As a result, less injected gas is dissolved and diffused into the remaining oil, so the steady operation of the underground gas storage is not adversely influenced.

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