15  April  2021

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Calculation Method Of Maximum Allowable Gas Invasion Overflow In Deepwater Drilling
Deepwater drilling requires more rigorous well control. Accordingly, proactive gas invasion detection is a hot topic in research of deepwater well control. The warning overflow value is an empiric value, so the existing put- gain method is less applicable and reliable for the wells with a high initial reservoir pressure in deep water. The well-killing risks under different overflow conditions were calculated with consideration to maximum allowable shut-in casing pressure and the annulus gas-ascending position. Then, a back calculation method was developed on the basis of the warning overflow value of gas invasion so as to monitor gas invasion overflow more accurately and reliably with the existing well control equipment, construction parameters and formation parameters. Furthermore, this method was improved by integrating the credibility formation pressure prediction method to minimize the gas invasion monitoring errors caused by inaccurate formation pressure prediction. Practical calculation shows that this method takes the annulus gas- ascending positions and well-killing risks into full account, so the accuracy and reliability of proactive gas invasion detection in deepwater drilling are improved greatly. This method plays a practical role in designing well-specific warning overflow value and reducing gas invasion monitoring costs. Finally, it was recommended to monitor the pit gain by using the import and export flow meters of higher accuracy and stability so as to satisfy the measurement accuracy of semi-submersible drilling platforms.

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