26  May  2018

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Myanmar Oil Pipeline Deal Reached in Beijing


China and Myanmar on Monday signed an agreement on a

crude oil pipeline to send oil from Myanmar's Kyaukpyu

Port to Yunnan.

The agreement and eight other cooperation documents were

signed after talks between President Xi Jinping and

Myanmar President U Htin Kyaw, who is on a state visit to

China from Thursday to Tuesday. Details of the agreements

were not released.

In the talks, Xi said China is willing to "push forward

China-Myanmar cooperation to focus more on Myanmar's

livelihood, such as education and rural area

development", according to a news release issued by the

Foreign Ministry.

Xi said China expects to work with Myanmar to firmly

adhere to the right direction of bilateral ties and

support each other on key issues related to core


China appreciates Myanmar's active involvement in the

Belt and Road Initiative, Xi said, adding that Beijing

will comprehensively consider development strategies of

the two nations to promote cooperation in fields like

trade and investment, infrastructure, energy, hydropower

and border economic cooperation zones.

China will also push forward key cooperation projects

such as the Kyaukpyu special economic zone and

connectivity projects, Xi said.

He said China respects Myanmar following a development

path in accord with its own national status.

China will continue playing a constructive role in

Myanmar's domestic peace process and work with Myanmar to

jointly maintain security and stability in the border

area, Xi said.

U Htin Kyaw said his country will never forget China's

help in its development and support in the international


This is his first visit to China after taking office in

March 2016. He visited Chengdu, Xi'an, Shanghai and

Hangzhou before arriving in Beijing.

Vice-Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin told reporters after

the meeting that one section of the China-Myanmar crude

oil pipeline has been finished, while China has built a

refinery near Kunming, provincial capital of Yunnan.

"Recently, the two sides have been discussing operation

of the pipeline. After the signing of the agreement, I

believe the pipeline will be put into operation soon,"

Liu said.

He said the project will not only transport oil that

China imports from Myanmar, but will also benefit regions

along the pipeline.

The two sides also reached "important consensus" in areas

such as energy, interconnectivity and infrastructure

cooperation, Liu revealed.

China and Myanmar have "basically reached consensus" on

the Myitsone Dam project, which was delayed by the former

Myanmar government, Liu said.

"Both sides expressed positive expectations," he said,

adding the two sides will continue the discussion to

reach a proper win-win settlement. "It is predictable

that there will be a result acceptable to both sides in

the coming future."

Liu said a gap in the nation's common efforts that

existed in the past will be filled by the decision to

focus combined efforts more on the livelihoods of

Myanmar's people.

U Htin Kyaw also met Premier Li Keqiang on Monday. Li

stressed that stability in northern Myanmar has a direct

effect on security of Southwest China.

China does not want to see the border area disturbed and

will support Myanmar's efforts to realize domestic peace

and reconciliation, Li said.

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