18  October  2018

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Yangjiang Section of Pearl River Delta Oil Product Pipeline to Start Construction in July (06/11/2004)
Daqing Petrochemical and Lanzhou Petrochemical Jointly Build Swing-model PE Projects (06/11/2004)
China to Impose New Standard to Control Pollutant Emission (06/11/2004)
Nippon Oil Shares Gain on China Refining Contract (06/09/2004)
An Oilfield with More than 400Mt of 3P Reserves Found in Ordos (06/08/2004)
China's Refining Capacity Could Not Meet Demands (06/08/2004)
Railways Increase Oil Transportation by 12% (06/07/2004)
Higher Oil Prices to Have Mild Impact on China (06/04/2004)
OPEC Calls for Oil Output Boost (06/03/2004)
CNOOC Makes Oil Findings in South China Sea (06/03/2004)
PetroChina Makes the Biggest Oil Discovery in Decade (05/28/2004)
China and Russia to Form Partnership in Developing Natural Gas (05/27/2004)
Guangzhou Zhongkexin and Yili Group to Jointly Build PVC Project (05/27/2004)
Nansha and Zhanjiang Oil Depots Come on Stream (05/27/2004)
Shell to Invest in North-east China Shale-Oil Project (05/25/2004)
China Launches Antidumping Investigation into imported Bisphenol A (05/20/2004)
Antidumping Investigation into Ethanolamine Imports Extended (05/20/2004)
Sinopec to Construct Refined Oil Product Pipeline in the Pear River Delta (05/20/2004)
New Oil-bearing Bed Discovered in Suotu Oilfield (05/20/2004)
EU to Impose Antidumping Duties on Chinese PET (05/20/2004)

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