19  July  2019

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US Commercial Crude Oil Inventories Rebound Last Week (06/30/2005)
Shell's Merger Plan Approved (06/29/2005)
OPEC Ministers Contemplate Increasing Oil Production (06/28/2005)
Oil Prices Hike (06/27/2005)
OPEC to Enhance Energy Cooperation with EU (06/10/2005)
Russia Prepared to Sign Energy Cooperation Accords with Japan (06/07/2005)
Brazilian Petroleum Firm Strikes Agreements with Japan (05/30/2005)
Sri Lanka, Iran Enter Oil Deal (05/20/2005)
Venezuela to Defend Fair Oil Prices (05/20/2005)
Crude Oil Prices Slide to Three-Month Low (05/19/2005)
Chile, Brazil, Argentina Prepare for Energy Exchange (05/16/2005)
Kuwaiti Oil Refining Capacity to Reach 1.2 Million bpd by 2010 (05/16/2005)
OPEC President Says Global Oil Market Oversupplied (05/11/2005)
US Oil Firm Shuts 10,000 bpd Flow Station in Southern Nigeria (05/11/2005)
Geopolitical, Psychological Reasons behind High Oil Prices (05/09/2005)
High Oil Prices Biggest Danger to Asian Economies (05/08/2005)
Shell May Lose Oman Field Rights after Spat (04/28/2005)
S.Korea, Yemen Agree on Energy Cooperation (04/28/2005)
Bush Presses Saudis to Boost Oil Production (04/26/2005)
Nigeria's Oil Reserves Hit 35 Billion Barrels (04/20/2005)

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