12  May  2021

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Oako manufactures large selections of low power solenoid operated valves for gas system control applications. These valves are available in 2-way normally open, normally close, and manual reset. Oako valves are available in brass, aluminum, steel and iron with different surface treatments. Features include explosion proof, pipe taps, visual indication, closure proof with leading agency approvals. The pipe connections from 1/2" to 8" and operation pressure up to 500 PSI. Most valves are rated for C30oF service for outdoor installation in frigid climates. Oako's solenoid operated valves have the lowest switching power requirements. They are the first one in their class with direct CMOS digital interface.

Established in 2003 OAKO Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is an US funded company in Shanghai, with high-tech introduced in design and manufacturing. Oako produces quality products that meets or exceeds industry standards. As a result, The AF05B Series meet the compulsory requirements of national standard "The regulation of design for town gas". Oako also participated in writing " The technical regulations for Gas Alarm Systems in Town" for the national construction ministry. Oako received nearly 20 patents in this series.


AF01B Series DN15-DN25
Residential Gas Emergency Shutoff Solenoid Valves

Oako AF01B is a series of residential gas solenoid valves, specially designed as gas pipe breaker for emergency use. It can be connected with gas leaking detection sensor, fire alarm circuit or other intelligent sensor modules so that on site or remote shutdown on gas supply (manually or automatically) is possible, hence ensuring the safety on gas usage. The valve features an auto-close when strong vibration is detected. After close, manual operation is required to turn on the valve. This feature meets safety regulations in the event of an accident.

AF05B Series DN25-DN50
Industrial Gas Emergency Shutoff Solenoid Valves

Oako AF05B Series is designed for gas pipeline installed on town gas pipeline network with automatic cut-off ability (electric driven), and it is explosion proof. It can function even with 15% power drop. On power failure, or a remote control signal is received, the valve will close to cut-off gas supply. It must be re-opened manually, and remains open without power.

Tel: +86-021-57781137
Fax: +86-021-57781136
E-mail: myoako@yahoo.com


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