15  April  2021

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OneCarbon International BV

OneCarbon is an international company that originates high quality carbon credits by initiating, developing, co-developing or financing projects globally that reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. OneCarbon sells the carbon credits from its portfolio to organisations that aim to meet their compliance target or to enable voluntary carbon offsetting.

OneCarbon identifies and initiates potential carbon reduction projects virtually all over the world. We then participate in CDM, JI and voluntary projects as an off-taker of carbon credits and, where necessary, we add liquidity. OneCarbon uses her financial and technical expertise to deal with all aspects of emission trading. We are therefore in a good position to optimise the structures that will increase profitability for all those involved.

OneCarbon and sustainability

OneCarbon has one of the largest portfolios of Gold Standard projects. The Gold Standard is the first independent quality label to be applied to CDM/JI and voluntary offset projects. It was launched in order to identify carbon offset projects that utilise renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, promote local sustainable development and rigorously demonstrate 'additionality'. It is a tool that ensures the credibility and sustainability of projects.

Our commitment to originating high quality credits has been awarded the Gold Medal in the EDIE Environmental Excellence Award scheme for developing the best Carbon Reduction Project in 2007. This award was established to recognize important work done by environmental consultants which helps to shape the future of our planet for the better.

Our expertise lies in combining solid technological and regulatory expertise with an extensive network and a track record of hundreds of successful projects. Our goal is to contribute to the mission: a sustainable energy supply for everyone. To realise this mission, we aim to be one of the best CDM, JI and VER project developers in the world. We are constantly raising the bar both in terms of the quality and quantity of our sustainable projects.

OneCarbon plays a key role in reducing carbon emissions. We do this through our two main business lines: providing consultancy to project owners (credit development services) and investing in and managing our own projects (project development activities). We sell the carbon credits from our portfolio to funds or organisations to help end-users meet their compliance targets or to enable voluntary offsets. We have offices in all of the major areas where carbon credits are originated as well as those where carbon credit purchasers are located.

OneCarbon International BV
Mail us at: P.O. Box 8408
NL-3503 RK Utrecht
The Netherlands
info@onecarbon.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Visit us at Kanaalweg 16-G
NL-3526 KL Utrecht
The Netherlands
Phone/Fax: T: +31 (0) 30 28 08 400
F: +31 (0) 30 28 08 301


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