20  August  2019

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Dagang Oilfield Group New Century Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Founded in 1974, Dagan Oilfield Group New Century Manufacturing Co., a drilling and production equipment manufacturer, is a subordinate corporation of Dagang Oilfield Group Company. It is located in Tianjing City, China.

The company is able to produce 20,000 sets of subsurface pumps, 20,000 meters of sucker rods and 20,000 tons of tubing in a year. In addition, the company makes steel-framed composite plastic pipe. The company is in the leading position of the sucker rod manufacturing technology, frication-welding technology, surface metal spring technology, polymer injection technology for tertiary recovery, non-standard equipment manufacturing technology and process. By manufacturing the steel-framed composite plastic pipe, the company has spanned the industrial range. Casing and drill pipe have been manufactured in batches.

The main products are downhole pump, sucker rod, hollow sucker rod, hollow electrical heating sucker rod system, polymer injection unit DQ-30Y, top drive unit for drilling and workover operation, subsurface pump manufacturing equipment, drilling and production components and tubing of different sizes. Since 1988, the company has been licensed by American Petroleum Institute to use API monogram on its subsurface pumps and fittings. In 1994, the company obtained quality system certification of ISO 9001. To develop the market, the company regulates and extends the structure of products. The nickel base alloy powder and steel-framed composite plastic pipe that were developed in the past two years convert the company from petroleum machinery manufacturer to a manufacturer with products in different industries and fields.

Products and Services

subsurface sucker rod pump, hollow sucker rod, solid sucker rod, tubing and casing, fittings for drilling and production

Add: Dagang Oilfield, West part of Gangzhong Road, Tianjin City, P.R.China
Tel: +86-22-25965578 +86-22-25965518
Fax: +86-22-25965573
Cell Phone: 13920061091


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