10  July  2020

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Dagang Oilfield Group Co., Ltd.

Dagang Oilfield Group Co. Ltd. is located at the beach of Bohai Bay, southeast in China. The total exploration area is 18,802 km2. It is 60km from Tianjin city, 70km from Tianjin ariport, 40km from tanggu seaport and 190km to Beijing, the capital from the headquarter. Dagang Oilfield was built in January, 1964. In December, 1995, it was renamed as Dagang Oilfield Group CO. Ltd., a SOE subsidiary of CNPC. In June,1999, the company was reorganized and separated to two parts namely, core Business and non-core business. The core part was named PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Company. The non-core part keeps the original name. The main Business include six parts, the first is oil engineering technological services including drilling engineering, directional drilling engineering, wireline logging, mud logging, downhole operation services and drilling and production technology research, etc. The second is oilfield surface engineering construction including designing, installation, highway construction; the third is machinery manufacture which main business is the production of petroleum machinery equipment; the forth is service for production including providing water, electric power, communication, material and etc.; the fifth is society services including livelihood logistics, culture and education, public safety and etc.; the sixth is diversified economic.

Now it has formed long distance horizontal well technology series, super deep well technology series, finding and protecting oil and gas formation technology series, high quality and efficient drilling technology series, downhole operation technology series, shallow water area engineering technology series, gas storage construction technology series, petroleum drilling and production machinery manufacture technology series.

On the basis of the market, the company bought many advanced equipments such as 70D drilling rig, 50D drilling rig, HQ2000 fracturing trucks, LWD, MWD, 5700 imaging logging system, SDL-9000 and ALS-II etc..

In domestic market, the company has an increasing market shares in Xinjiang, Tarim, Yumen, Qinghai, Xinxing, Changqing, Liaohe, Jidong, Henan, Zhongyuan as well as Hadeng expressway's market. In international market, the company has well built itself a reputation in Pan-China, Apache, Philippine. It also has a wide range of petroleum engineering services and products export businesses in Russian, Philippine, Indonesia, Iran, Georgia, Tunisia, Qatar, Venezuela, Sudan, Mexico, Bengal, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, India etc.

Products and Services

Exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas; exploitation of mine associating with oil and gas technology consultation and services; drilling equipment, tools and fittings manufacturing; living and production material provision, production, manufacture, maintenance; marketing business services about production; life and culture facilities equipment rental and technology; labor and information services engineering supervision; providing upstream and downstream international petroleum engineering services for both overseas and domestic clients; internet and intranet information services; transportation services; automobile sale (not including car), etc.

Contact: Wu Chaoming
Add: No.3 Yard, Dagang District, Tianjin City, P.R.China
Tel: +86-22-25921318
Fax: +86-22-25921318
E-mail: sckfb@tjdgoil.com


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