28  February  2020

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Drilling Technology Research Institute of Xinjiang Petroleum Administrative Bureau

The institute was established in Feb 1982. Having being constructed more than 20 years the institute is now a powerful and self-contained enterprise research institute of Xinjiang Petroleum Administration. The main tasks of the institute include studying and solving technical drilling problems, carrying out drilling scientific research projects from CNPC, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Petroleum Administration and Xinjiang Oil Field Company. The main technical services include drilling design, horizontal well drilling, multiple laterals drilling, under-balanced drilling (mud, foam and mist), sealing core drilling, coring in poorly consolidated formations, drilling fluids and completion fluids, cement slurry, cementing and completion, sidetrack drilling in old well, under-balanced horizontal well drilling, formation damage controlling.

Products and Services

Technical services:

drilling design, Horizontal well drilling, Multiple laterals drilling, Under-balanced drilling (mud, foam and mist) , Sealing core drilling, coring in poorly consolidated formations, Drilling fluids and completion fluids, Cementing and completion, Sidetrack drilling in old well, Under-balanced horizontal well drilling, Formation damage controlling


Casing-heads, TW- Stabilizer, Matrix diamond core bit, Inner-string cementing tools, Drillable float-sub and guide shoe, Self-locking rubber plug, Cement head, Centralizer, Plane mill shoe, Casing scraper, SJG(Z)-W244.5 stage cementing tools, SJG(Z)-W244.5 stage cementing tools, SJG(Y)-W244.5 hydraulic stage cementing tools, DM down hole casing anchor, Spiral centralizer XLQ, DQX215 core barrel with toughened glass core container, MQX215B sealing core barrel, XG casing hanger, Packers, Multiple laterals drilling tool, Under-balanced liner completion tools, Down hole shut off valve, Drilling reamer, Drilling fluid lubricant RH-101, Bloomless drilling fluid lubricant RH-102, Drilling fluid filtrate reducer SY-2, KWR foamer, Zwitterionic polymer drilling fluid viscosity reducer XY-27, Cement slurry filtrate reducer DS-6L
Polyarylamide, Cement slurry viscosity reducer DIS, Cement slurry accelerator DIS
Slightly bloom, micro, soft, granular and oil-dispersible temporary blocking agent ZLD-2
Slightly bloom and environmental protection filtrate reducer ZLJ-1
Non-ironic Drilling fluid filtrate reducer JS-108
Bridging lost circulation additive HLCM
Formation damage control additives KZD-1 and KZD-2
Zwitterionic polymer clay inhibitor for drilling fluid KFA-367
Cation asphalt bore hole wall sloughing inhibitor KF-1

Contact: Zhang Lei
Address£ºNo.80 Hongyan Road, Karamay City, Xinjiang Province, P.R.China
Tel: +86-990-6883505
Fax: +86-990-6885271


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