27  February  2020

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CNPC Research Institute of Engineering Technology (RIET)

CNPC Research Institute of Engineering Technology (RIET), a direct subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), specializes in scientific research and has the advanced cementing additives technology of the world, top anticorrosion & heat insulation technology and welding technology of China.

RIET focuses on developing and spreading various technologies including technology of oil well cement additives, engineering materials and technology for special zones, technology of anticorrosion and building coating, anticorrosion coating technique, automatic welding technique for storage tanks and pipeline, technology of direct burying heat insulation of pipeline, and repairing technology for used pipeline.

In addition, some branches of technical service organizations are also set up in RIET such as Oil Well Cements and Additives Supervision and Testing Center of CNPC, Anticorrosion and heat Insulation Products Supervision & Testing Center, Construction Standardizations Committee, the Head Office of Construction Quality Supervision, and editing office of the periodical Petroleum Engineering Construction. These organizations provide services related to quality supervision and standardization for CNPC in engineering construction.

It is equipped with 650 sets of the first class equipments. It Owns 5 testing centers and labs recognized by National Technological Supervision Bureau.

As a scientific researching institute owned by CNPC, RIET conducts a lot of significant science & technology projects about petroleum and national gas industry which need to be further researched or solved, so it plays a key role in supplying technical support for the development of petroleum and natural gas industry of China.

Products and Services

lIn the field of cementing technical research, RIET is superior in cementing jobs under many kinds of difficult conditions, which involve deep wells & extremely deep wells, long sealed columns with low pressure and leakage, under-balanced drilling, long sealed columns, high pressure gas wells, and rock formation. So far, RIET has developed 10 series of cementing materials amounting to 60 types of products, which have been successfully used in over 1,000 cementing operations in 15 oil fields like Changqing oil field and Dagang oil field, and in Bohai Sea cementing projects of PHILLIPS. Moreover, a couple of types of additives have been exported to overseas market, for instance, TABAK zones in IRAN and VENEZUELA, etc.l In the realm of other technical research regarding engineering, RIET created four products that are popular among domestic clients. Type AW-01 Frication-reducing Durable Coating for natural gas pipeline provides a new technology for the inner coating of natural gas conveying pipeline of China. Tests conducted by relevant international and domestic authoritative testing institutes showed that this product can increase the result of gas conveyance by more than 15%, and has the same properties as that of Copon BP2306 coating of England and Permecor 337 coating of Germany.

Contact: Zai Yilong
Add: No.40 Jintang Road,Tanggu District, Tianjin City, P.R.China
Tel: +86-22-66310297 +86-22-66313155
Fax: +86-22-25344876
E-mail: zhaiyl@cnpc.com


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