10  July  2020

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BGP China National Petroleum Corporation

BGP is one of the world's competitive geophysical companies, delivering a wide range of geophysical products and services. In 2002, BGP became a liability-limited company after merging with six other Chinese geophysical divisions, with its headquarters located in Zhuozhou city, Hebei province, sixty kilometers south of Beijing.

The main business of BGP includes:
• Data acquisition
     Onshore seismic surveys
    TZ and shallow water seismic surveys
    Offshore seismic surveys
    Borehole- and micro-seismic surveys
    GME and geo-chemical surveys
• Data processing
• Data interpretation & reservoir geophysics
• Geophysical R & D
• Geophysical software systems
• Equipment manufacturing
• Multi-client services
• IT services
BGP currently has 115 land seismic crews, 9 shallow water and transition zone crews, 8 VSP crews, and 21 non-seismic crews operating in 53 countries. The operations are conducted in a wide variety of terrain conditions, such as mountains, deserts, loess lands, gravel plains, swamps, jungles, and shallow water and transition zones. In 2006, BGP launched its offshore seismic program, and, at present, BGP has 6 vessels, a 2D streamer vessel, 2 2D/3D streamer vessels, a 6-streamer 3D vessel, a 12-streamer 3D vessel, and a 4C OBN vessel.
BGP has provided quality services for more than 200 energy companies at home and abroad since 1961, including major national and international energy companies.
BGP strictly follows the international guidelines for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection set forth by the International Association of Geophysical Contractors and the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers.
We also understand that it is geo-talent that makes it possible for BGP to maintain a sustainable development. Therefore, BGP has as always attached great importance to technology advances. Our recent R&D is focused on high-density seismic surveys, wide-azimuth acquisition, complex structure imaging, 3C/3D VSP, 3C/3D seismic, and stratigraphic reservoir studies. BGP released its "PAI" Technological Package in Rome during EAGE 2008, developed by BGP with 40-plus years of hands-on experience and in-depth expertise from worldwide operations. PAI provides advanced solutions for challenging issues in different surface conditions. We also have started to develop our own seismic recording systems to provide better services for our clients.

Add: P.O.Box 11, Zhuozhou Hebei, 072751 P.R.China
Tel: +86 10 81201850/81201469
Fax: +86 10 81201392
E-mail: marketing@bgp.com.cn


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