20  August  2019

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PetroChina Yumen Oilfield Company

Located in Yumen Oilfield Company, Gansu Province, Yumen Oilfield Company was established in 1999. Yumen Oilfield Company is a comprehensive territory company that concentrated on the "core business" as exploration, oilfield development, oil refinery and petrochemical, marketing, technology research and design etc. Yumen oil field started its development in the year 1939. Yumen is the first oil and gas base of China. There are 6 developing oilfield as Laojunmiao, Shiyougou, Baiyanghe, Danbei, and Qingxi, etc. The oil bearing area of the company is 60.4 km2 and accumulative proved reserve is 136.97 million tons. By the end of the year 2003, the accumulative oil production is 29.70 million tons and the recovery of OOIP is 23.65% while the recovery of recoverable reserve is 77.33%. Yumen oilfield is successfully keeping the water cut stable on 70% in the past 27 years.

Products and Services

The company mainly offers nine series of products, including vacuum greases, aviation hydraulic oil, lubricating grease, additives, technics oil, petroleum bitumen, polypropylene, paraffin wax, liquid petroleum gas and so on. Vacuum greases include mainly: No. 80 and No. 30 vacuum sealing wax, No. 80 vacuum sealing mud, No.1, No.2, No. 3 and No.4 vacuum sealing greases, mineral-oil-type vacuum pump oil, pressure pump oil and No.100 diffusion pump oil. Aviation hydraulic oil include mainly: No. 10 and No.15 aviation hydraulic oil, No.10 formal aviation hydraulic oil (field special type). Lubricating grease include mainly: No.2 low-temperature grease, No.4 high-temperature lubricating grease, No.3 white special lubricating grease, general purpose lithium base grease for autoCell Phone, No.2 and No.3 general purpose lithium lubricating grease, No.2 and No.3 molybdenum disulfide lithium grease with many kinds of package forms. Additives mainly include : T101 low-base-number disgregatant, T102 middle-base number disgregatant, T103 high-base-number disgregatant, T701 anti-rust additive, No.35, No.40, No.45, No. 50 and No.55 petroleum sodium sulfonate. Technics oilmainly include : No.3, No.5, No.7 and No.10 industrial white oil, No.10, No.15, No.26 and No.36 auxiliary oil, grade A white oil, instrument oil with anti-oxidant, No.1 and No.4 softening jute oil, No.320 and No.330 thermal-conduction oil, special kerosene and metal washing agent. Petroleum bitumen include mainly: No.10 petroleum bitumen for building, No.100, No.140 and No.180 petroleum bitumen for road. Polypropylenes include mainly four brand-number, PPH-XD-140, PPH-XD-045, PPH-XD-075 and PPH-ED-012.Paraffin waxes include mainly: all kinds of semi-refined paraffin wax and 70 microcrystalline wax.

Contact: Tian Shengjun
Add: Sales Company of Petrochemical Complex of Yumen Oilfield Company, Gansu Province, P.R.China
Phone: +86-937-395+8699
Fax: +86-937-395+8699
Cell Phone: 13909371679
E-mail: Tiansj2001@163.com


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