12  August  2020

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United Diamond

There are lots of things that make us different from other drilling solutions companies. Our small size, our focus, and our unrelenting passion to excel and push the envelope are only a few. What really sets us apart, however, are the advances in technology that we've incorporated into our products. And while, for the most part, we like to think we're modest, we just can't help but tell you about a few of the key features that make our product perform like no other.

Machining the Perfect Bit

United Diamond's engineering and manufacturing teams work seamlessly as new tool designs evolve from an early whiteboard concept to an engineered solid drawing, and finally to a machined product.

After a solid drawing model is finalized by engineers, CNC programmers meticulously configure the object for high-precision CNC machining (Computer Numerical Control) using special software, proprietary algorithms, and simulation tools. In fact, the translation process for a single PDC bit typically involves more than 150,000 lines of code, up to 100 precision coordinate systems, and the integration of 40 or more specialized cutting tools.

The design is optimized for the various interactions and machining operations needed to be performed on the model in order to produce an exacting result. Simulation after simulation is run against the configuration to ensure both model consistency and optimum machining efficiency.

Once the CNC program is complete, it is scheduled for production on the shop floor. Beginning the process with a simple rounded bar of steel, high-precision 5-axis CNC mills transform the raw material into a recognizable PDC skeleton, ready for final procurement.

Using these state-of-the-art 5-axis milling centers, we're able to complete the work in only two operations, ensuring perfect concentricity and exacting precision, in lower than normal machining time.

Rig Finder - Alberta Township System (ATS)

Alberta's township system is a grid comprised of townships (east / west) and ranges (north / south). Further broken down into sections and quadrants, this grid system can be used to identify an area as small as 1/4 mile x 1/4 mile, anywhere in the province.

Gauge Hardfacing

United Diamond PDC bits are engineered to endure 'the elements'. Several protective techniques and applications are applied to ensure reliability, repeatability, and maximum durability.

Gauge hardfacing, for example, is an application that protects the outer face of the bit from erosion during drilling, helps maintain hole diameter, and acts as a bearing surface for side loads.

The hardfacing process involves the application of a carbide and nickel matrix to the gauge area of the bit. The gauge pads are heated to approximately two thousand degrees Fahrenheit before a layer of the matrix material is applied. The hardfacing covers the steel body and reinforces the diamond gauge inserts. Following this procedure, the bit is transferred into a cooling unit which is covered with an insulating blanket to maintain the original properties of the steel.

How are cutters attached to the steel bit body?

A PDC cutter is manufactured with a diamond layer attached to a carbide substrate. This carbide substrate provides two important functions: a stiff backing to support the diamond, and a surface to attach the cutter to the bit body.

Since carbide cannot be welded directly to steel, the cutter is brazed into place. To do so, the components are heated to approximately 650C (1200F) where the silver alloy brazing wire turns from a solid to a liquid and flows between the pieces. As the brazing alloy cools, it solidifies and fixes the cutter firmly in place. The cutter can then only be removed by applying the necessary heat until the brazing alloy liquefies, releasing the two components.

Piranha - Custom Business Intelligence Software

How does a company like United Diamond keep it all together? Think about it...engineering, manufacturing, operations, sales, accounting--each with their own objectives, but working together to achieve a collective goal.

Well, for one thing, United Diamond's Leduc facility is relatively small, so a walk across the hall to speak with a colleague isn't such a big deal. However, on a much more technical level, we use an in-house, custom software solution called 'Piranha'. We wrote this baby from the ground up, and it now interfaces with the entire company to centralize a myriad of critical business data and performance details.

Piranha closes gaps that typical accounting software isn't designed to handle. For instance, engineers directly interface with Piranha to configure bills of materials, while shop personnel generate work orders and operations specialists record tool performance details. Purchasing, sales orders, book values and depreciation, quality assurance, and even competitor data analysis is handled by Piranha.

Perhaps the most beneficial feature of Piranha is being able to tie everything together in a real-time dashboard that consists of various graphs. Even further, since the software is designed to handle such an intense level of information detail, a user can quickly pull the complete history of any serialized drilling tool and immediately see all activity related to the specific item, along with summarized performance details and charts with only a few mouse clicks.

Steel Body Hardfacing

Every United Diamond bit is CNC machined from a high strength steel alloy to ensure accuracy, product consistency, and durability. To maximize resistance to erosion, blade surfaces are coated with a matrix material of carbide and nickel. This ultra-hard coating protects the blades from fluid and particle erosion while drilling, and provides a barrier against rusting.

Force Balancing

Each cutter on a PDC bit produces a force on the formation at various angles, depending on its position and rake (angle of the cutter). To maximize cutting efficiency, forces are balanced to provide a 'near zero' net force on the bit. The result is a drill bit that maximizes available horsepower and drills a straight and true well bore. All United Diamond bit models are force balanced using proprietary software.

Calgary Sales

1410, 555 - 4th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3E7
Tel: 403.355.2505
Fax: 403.264.3287


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