23  February  2020

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Autronica Fire and Security

Autronica Fire and Security offers a comprehensive, high-quality range of products and services within our field and implements customer-oriented, efficient solutions. Our systems are based on the latest technologies and are founded on a broad basis of knowledge and experience.

Decades of research, development, experience and know-how has made Autronica Fire and Security the preferred supplier for the most demanding customers world-wide. Being pioneers within our field, we continue with our vision of long term growth and investment in state of the art technology, leading the way into a safer future.

Fire detection systems

Autronica Fire and Security offers conventional, analogue addressable and interactive fire detection systems for any application.

Integrated fire and gas detection systems
Autronica Fire and Security has developed the world's first interactive-addressable system for integrated fire and gas detection: AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas Detection System (IFG).

Voice ALARM SYstems

Our voice alarm - AutroVoice - avoids the use of confusing and often frightening emergency bells or sirens. It uses a public address system (PA) to tell the public what the emergency is, where it is, and what to do.

emergency Light systems

Autronica Fire and Security AS has an extensive range of emergency light systems and luminaires intended for small and plain systems to large and complex installations.

Presentation systems

AutroMaster 5000 Presentation System is a complete presentation system for control and monitoring of alarmed areas, and forms an integrated part of the fire detection system. A simple graphical user interface provides unprecedented control and monitoring.

Fire suppression systems
Autronica Fire and Security offers various fire suppression systems, including; Water Mist Systems, Gaseous Systems and Foam Systems. In addition, we provide a control and extinguishing panel and a extinguishing release module used together with automatic fire alarm and extinguishing systems.

Solutions for a variety of applications
Our solutions in fire detection are suitable for a variety of applications. A small selection of solutions for different applications is shown on this page (in alphabetical order); solutions that can easily be adapted to fit your needs. If you want to find out how we can help you, contact your nearest sales representative.

Agricultural and horticultural environments
In this type of premise, the greatest challenge when it comes to effective and reliable fire detection is the environmental conditions, particularly in buildings where animals are kept.

aircraft hangars
Protection of aircraft hangers requires optimal detection coverage. Flame detection, high sensitivity and immunity to false alarms, are essential determining factors when designing systems for this application.

An airport is a complex communication centre, including terminal buildings, private aviation buildings, hangars, parking garages, control towers, fire station and many other facility buildings.

churches and other historical buildings
The protection of church structures from fire damage presents some unique challenges. Many of these buildings were built without much thought given to fire protection.

Point smoke detectors, placed within a cold store, tend to cause false alarms, particularly the detectors that are placed in the vicinity of doors and entrances.

computer rooms
Occasionally, electrical devices in computer rooms, such as computers, terminals and printers fail. This failure may result in the device overheating, burning or electrical components melting.

prisons and corrective establishments
In prisons and corrective establishments, traditional point detectors mounted within the secured rooms can be subject to vandalism unless they are sufficiently protected.

shopping centres
Bells and sirens only have one message - that there is something wrong. People cannot tell whether the sound they hear is a burglar alarm or a fire alarm; they don't know if it's a test or a real emergency situation.

Trondheim, Norway
Autronica Fire and Security AS
7483 Trondheim, Norway
Phone: +47 73 58 25 00
Fax: +47 73 58 25 01


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