23  January  2019

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Westlake Chemical Corporation

Westlake Chemical Corporation owns and operates facilities for the manufacture of petrochemicals, plastics, and fabricated plastic products in North America, with sales on a global basis.

From our first acquisition of a single polyethylene plant in 1986 to our modern and efficient network of manufacturing plants today, Westlake has quickly earned its place as one of North America's premier petrochemical and plastics companies. Our remarkable growth has been achieved through a combined strategy of building new plants, expanding existing facilities and acquiring assets. The integration of commodity petrochemicals and intermediates to polymers and fabricated plastic products has also been a key element of our growth strategy.

Creating synergies within our industry, with our shareholders and within the global market has been a hallmark of Westlake since its inception. Synergies are created by combining the vast industry experience of our owners, the skills and abilities of our employees and world class operating assets, which allow Westlake to optimize performance and minimize operating costs.

Products & Services

Westlake's operations annually manufacture and market over 8 billion pounds of the world's most widely used commodity petrochemicals and polymer products. Our chemicals are some of the most widely used chemicals in the world, which are fundamental to many diverse consumer and industrial markets, including flexible and rigid packaging, automotive products, coatings, residential and commercial construction as well as other durable and non-durable goods.

Operating in two vertically integrated business segments, Olefins and Vinyls, we use the majority of our internally produced basic chemicals to manufacture higher value-added chemicals and fabricated products. We are one of the few fully integrated producers of vinyls and fabricated products in North America.

By adhering to a philosophy of continuous improvement and cost efficient production strategies, we strive to provide our customers the consistent high quality, value added products needed in a globally competitive market.

Westlake Chemical Corporation
2801 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX 77056

Main Number:
(713) 960-9111


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