23  February  2020

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Giant Industries, Inc.

Giant Industries, Inc., headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a refiner and marketer of petroleum products. Giant owns and operates one Virginia and two New Mexico crude oil refineries, a crude oil gathering pipeline system based in Farmington, New Mexico, which services the New Mexico refineries, finished products distribution terminals in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Flagstaff, Arizona, a fleet of crude oil and finished product truck transports, and a chain of retail service station/convenience stores in New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. Giant is also the parent Company of Phoenix Fuel Co., Inc., an Arizona wholesale petroleum products distributor.


Giant owns and operates three refineries. The Ciniza refinery, located on 880 acres near Gallup, New Mexico and the Bloomfield refinery, located on 285 acres near Farmington, New Mexico, are the only active refineries in the Four Corners area. The Yorktown refinery is located on 570 acres along the York River in York County, Virginia.

The total approximate refining capacity of these refineries is 104,500 bpd broken down as follows: Ciniza, 26,000 bpd, Bloomfield, 16,600 bpd and Yorktown, 61,900 bpd.


The Four Corners area serves as our primary source of raw material supply for both the Ciniza and Bloomfield refineries. A locally produced, high-quality crude known as Four Corners Sweet is the primary feedstock, although the supply is supplemented, as necessary, with other feedstocks from within and outside the area.

Most of the Yorktown refinery's feedstocks come from Canada, the North Sea, West Africa, South America and the Far East. Yorktown imports other feedstocks to supplement the processing units and blendstocks to optimize blending operations.


All three refineries have crude distillation, hydrotreating for naphtha and distillate, reforming for high-octane gasoline production and fluid catalytic cracking units. In addition, the Ciniza refinery has an isomerization unit to increase the octane of other gasoline streams that enhance high-octane gasoline production. Yorktown has vacuum distillation in the crude unit and a coker to further enhance the processing of thick crude components. The Bloomfield and Yorktown refineries also have polymerization units to convert produced LPGs back into gasoline, while Ciniza has an alkylation unit for that purpose. Additionally, the Yorktown refinery has a MTBE unit to produce a high-octane, clean-burning gasoline component.


All three refineries have similar product slates that include gasoline, diesel, propane, butane and heavy fuel oils. Ciniza also produces jet fuel and Yorktown produces petroleum coke.


Crude oil supply for our two New Mexico refineries comes primarily from the Four Corners area and is either collected by Giant's pipeline network or delivered by our truck transports to pipeline injection points and/or refinery tankage.

The Yorktown refinery's strategic location on the York River and its own deep-water port access allow it to easily receive shipments from various regions of the world. All of the crude oil supplied to this refinery is delivered by barge directly to the dock.


The Four Corners region is the primary area for refined products from the Ciniza and Bloomfield refineries. Giant's secondary markets include metropolitan Albuquerque (the largest market in New Mexico) and the Northern Arizona region.

We group the Yorktown refinery's markets into Tiers, which represent varying refining potential. Tier 1 areas have the highest refining margin potential and include the Yorktown region. Tier 2 markets include Salisbury and Baltimore, Maryland. Norfolk and North and South Carolina are considered Tier 3 markets and the New York Harbor area is designated Tier 4.

Tel: 480.585.8888
Email: retail@giant.com


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