28  February  2020

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AGT Energy Ltd.

Advanced Gel Technology (AGT) established in 1999 is a commercial spin off from Bradford University (UK), based on the unique chemical technology discovered.

In 2002 high potential oilfield applications of the technology were identified.

Mid 2003 An oil industry development team was acquired to develop and commercialise the technology into the oilfield.

2004 saw the rapid development of the oilfield product technology with the engagement of industry partners and new client projects.

AGT Energy was started at the end of 2004 to take the unique oilfield products to market.

AGT Energy has a top-grade oilfield research and development team coupled with over 40 years of combined oilfield technical and business development experience.

AGT Energy Ltd. Hydrogel Technology

AGT Energy Ltd has developed a unique hydrogel technology into a range of high performance products for the oilfield. The primary products are Proflux, which drastically reduces the viscosity of Heavy Oil and Terraflux, which is a radically new EOR system. Both of these products have been developed from a unique technology platform based on hydrogels, originally created by our sister company Advanced Gel Technology Ltd.

What are hydrogels?

The AGT Energy hydrogels constitute a family of water based polymer systems, which have properties ranging from extensively cross-linked elastic solids, through to simple surface active solutions of low viscosity. Such characteristics are incorporated into the hydrogel formulations to provide a flexible range of functional properties such as viscosity, absorbency, surface tension reduction, visco-elasticity etc. which are of great benefit to the oil industry.

What is special about AGT Energy Hydrogels?

AGT Energy utilizes its own patented hydrogel technology. This involves the use of very specific polymers with a novel cross-linking system that delivers hydrogel products with unique capabilities for the oil industry

How are these products deployed in the oilfield?

AGT Energy Ltd. provides the hydrogel chemistry and the engineering, equipment and support needed to effectively deploy the product systems in the field. This solutions approach ensures that the products deliver optimum performance to the customer.

Mike Crabtree
Managing Director AGT Energy Ltd.

Telephone: +44 1274 747406
Mobile: +44 7717 435557
Email: mcrabtree@agtenergy.com

Company Address
41 Campus Road
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1274 747406


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