28  February  2020

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Haldop Topsoe

Topsoe is the Catalyst and Technology Company. For more than 50 years, we have supplied the full range of catalysts required for production of ammonia, hydrogen, synthesis gas, methanol, formaldehyde, and sulphuric acid. Topsoe holds a position as one of the major catalyst manufacturers serving these industries worldwide.

For the petroleum refining industry we have a portfolio of catalysts for hydrotreating that has been widely accepted in refineries worldwide, where our catalysts contribute to production of cleaner fuels meeting future environmental standards.

Flue gas cleaning by removal of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and other environmentally harmful compounds has for long been a key area for Topsoe. Our catalysts and processes have a large variety of applications from large coal-fired power plants to diesel engines on board ships and heavy vehicles.

Development of new and improved catalysts in our research facilities is undertaken in parallel with the development of process technology based on these catalysts. This combination of catalyst and process know-how has given Topsoe a unique standing as the only company capable of supplying catalysts, process licenses, and engineering design to the chemical and petrochemical industries. Some of the recent industrial references are:

Ammonia: Topsoe is the leading process licensor having designed more than fifty percent of the new ammonia capacity built since 1990. The two largest plants in the world, Kaltim Pasifik Amoniak in Indonesia and Profertil in Argentina, which are producing more than 2,000 tons per day.
Hydrogen: A large number of plants in refineries use Topsoe side-fired tubular reformers capable of operating on natural gas, naphtha, or a mixture hereof.
Synthesis gas: Topsoe autothermal reforming technology has been selected for one large gas-to-liquids plant in South Africa and for two plants in Nigeria and Qatar, respectively, each with a capacity of 34,000 barrels per day.
Methanol: Topsoe has designed one of the largest plants in the world located in Iran with a capacity over 3,000 tons per day.


Room 1008, Scitech Tower, 22 Jianguomenwai Av., Beijing 100004, P. R. China




Chief Representative
Mr. Jim Jianhua Cui


F. Emmett Bingham
Hydroprocessing Technology
California Office
Phone: +1-714-621-3805
Mail: feb@topsoe.com


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