28  February  2020

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Netherland Sewell provides a complete range of engineering, geological, geophysical, and petrophysical services and has the technical experience and ability to perform these services in any of the onshore and offshore oil and gas producing areas of the world.

Our clients include small privately owned oil and gas companies, major and independent oil and gas companies, government owned oil and gas companies, financial institutions, government agencies, investors, and law firms.


Two-, three-, and four-dimensional (and four-component) seismic interpretation
Attribute analysis and extraction
Seismic stratigraphic analysis
Velocity analysis and modeling for integrated depth conversion

Structural interpretation and mapping
Stratigraphic analysis and trap identification
Basin, field and regional studies
Reservoir volumetric estimation
Probabilistic risk assessment

Computerized log analysis for comprehensive field studies
Log normalization
Custom modeling for facies identification and volumetric parameters
Batch processing capability
Geostatistical analysis for complex environments
Calibration of results through integration of core and test data

Estimation of oil, gas, condensate and plant product reserves
Comprehensive field studies and reservoir analyses
Probabilistic reserve modeling
Equity determinations
Secondary and enhanced recovery studies
Reservoir exploitation and management studies
Gas deliverability studies
Gas cycling studies and planning
Pipeline and gathering system studies
Cogeneration studies
Operations and facility analysis

Reservoir Modeling and Simulation
Black oil and compositional studies
Full field and element models
History matching and prediction studies
Primary, secondary and tertiary recovery processes

Economic evaluation of oil and gas properties
Reports to assist in property trades, sales, acquisitions and mergers
Total project before- and after-risk reserves and economics
International economic analysis including profit-and cost-based production sharing agreements
Counseling to commercial and investment bankers
Appraisals for tax purposes
Customized tax and royalty calculations

4500 Thanksgiving Tower
1601 Elm Street, Suite 4500
Dallas, Texas 75201
Phone: 214-969-5401
Fax: 214-969-5411
Email: info@nsai-petro.com

1200 Four Houston Center
1221 Lamar, Suite 1200
Houston, Texas 77010
Phone: 713-654-4950
Fax: 713-654-4951
Email: info@nsai-petro.com


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