27  February  2020

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Nupi Industrial Division

Nupi Industrial Division (Nupi ID) was activated in 1995, following the completion of a three-year R&D program entered to develop and manufacture design-based piping systems specifically dedicated to the chemical and petrochemical markets.

Since its inception, constantly relying on its own Research and Test Laboratories, Nupi ID has developed two ranges of piping systems. Known as Oiltech and ChemTech, these two families of products consist respectively of multilayer and monolayer piping systems.

Oiltech Systems have been developed to address the problems related to corrosion, high temperature and chemical aggression in applications such as hydrocarbon conveyance in environments as diverse and critical as oilfields, refineries, gas stations, and chemical plants. Oiltech Piping Systems are manufactured for both free-standing and relining applications.
ChemTech Systems are dedicated to a wide range of applications such as conventional, nuclear and geothermal power plants, industrial hot and cold water conveyance pipework, treatment of waste water, gas and water district heating and oilfield reinjection lines. Just like their Oiltech multilayer counterparts, ChemTech piping systems are manufactured both in the free-standing and relining configurations.

Besides the Laboratories, Nupi ID's facilities at its Corporate Offices include one Production Plant, a Marketing Department, Customer Support and Sales Offices, all located in Imola, Bologna, Italy.
Nupi ID undertakes all sales activities through its officials operating out of the Company's offices:
Corporate Headquarters (Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America),
the Nupi Americas Inc. Office, NUPI Americas, Inc. - 10101 Southwest Freeway - Suite # 400 - Houston, TX 77074 - Tel. 713.219.1145 - Fax 713.219.1147 (the United States, Canada),
the Asian Sales and Marketing Office, located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (Australia, Pacific, Asia and the Subcontinent)

Aiming at enhancing its presence in the market, Nupi ID enters the Third Millenium with a number of new, high quality projects soon to move from the development phase into the production lines.
Since quality does not happen, but generates from adaptability, innovation, expertise and consistency, Nupi ID keeps developing high quality systems based on field-tested experiences, designed to fit the market's requirements and manufactured to meet or exceed the most demanding design specifications.

Corporate Offices: Via Colombarotto, 58 I-40026 Imola (BO)
Phone +39 0542 624911
Fax +39 0542 624900
e-mail: infoid@nupinet.com


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