28  February  2020

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Durapipe UK

Durapipe is one of the world's foremost manufacturer and supplier of high performance plastic pipework and flow control products offering the best and most cost-effective pipe systems for its customers. Its unrivalled portfolio covers a multitude of applications across utility, building services and industrial markets.

Unrivalled experience in the processing of all key polymers - PVC-U, ABS, PP, PVC-C and composites has gained Durapipe a reputation as a pioneer of high performance thermoplastic pipe systems.

New Products:

Launch of Durapipe Detecta-line

We are delighted to announce the launch Durapipe Detecta-line, a new pipework system specifically developed for use with aspirating smoke detection systems.

This exciting new product can be installed within any environment from hospitals, refrigerated stores, manufacturing and warehouses through to stadiums, hotels or commercial office buildings.

Detecta-line has been produced from a robust and ductile ABS material to provide a high performance pipework system that can offer efficient and reliable conveyance of air samples from protected zones. Aspirating smoke detection systems can detect smoke at vastly lower densities than ordinary smoke detection systems and operate by actively and continuously sampling air. However, the satisfactory operation of these systems is highly reliant upon the capabilities of the associated pipework and Detecta-lines bespoke product specification guarantees high performance levels throughout its lifetime.

Durapipe Detecta-line is a solvent welded system and sampling holes can be simply drilled into the pipework to allow active air sampling throughout the system. The handling speed of the system allows contractors to easily install the pipework into any new or existing aspirating smoke detection system, ensuring labour time and costs are kept to a minimum.

Manufactured from ABS, the new range also offers a selection of long-term benefits: boasting corrosion free properties and extreme ductility, even at -40?C, making it ideal for use in extreme environments such as cold stores. The minimal maintenance requirements mean it is also ideal for any building application.

Durapipe Detecta-line is a red pipework system and comprises of pipe in three metre lengths as standard, along with a complete range of fittings including couplings, tees, 90?bends, 45?elbows, socket unions, end caps and cobra pipe clips.

Launch of new ChemX3 range

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our flow control solutions package by launching to the UK market the CHEMX3 line, the latest in electrochemical measurement.

The sister product to our existing FLOWX3, the CHEMX3 has been introduced to address various industrial, laboratory and portable requirements and extends to a range of tools from electrodes, conductivity sensors, monitors, controllers and transmitters that can provide quick, easy and cost effective measurements.

The CHEMX3 range is made up of: Controllers and indicators for measuring pH, ORP and conductivity; Industrial Epoxy and Flat Surface Self Cleaning pH and ORP Electrodes and Epoxy Body Conductivity Sensors, in graphite or platinum, to provide accurate and high-resolution measurement. Two Wire transmitter analog units are also provided as a cost effective local indication and two wire current output.

The CHEMX3 range, with its various electrochemical measurement products will further support the Flow X3 range, to offer a complete valve, actuation and flow control package.

New solvent cement for Durapipe PVC-U pipework

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new, labour saving solvent cement for the Durapipe PVC-U pressure pipework system. Durapipe PVC-U One-Step Solvent Cement eliminates the need for abrading on new pipe and fittings, and can save as much as 25% on installation times.

The new cement conforms to BS4346/3 and has kite mark approval to this British Standard. It also complies with DIN 16970. Developed for use with Durapipe PVC-U pipework, it is available in one litre and half litre containers.

Installers are recommended to use Durapipe Eco-Cleaner prior to applying Durapipe One- Step Solvent Cement. The new cleaner has been specially formulated to limit the levels of VOCs, making it a more environmentally friendly product and replacing MEK cleaners.

Durapipe PVC-U One-Step Solvent Cement, Durapipe Eco-Cleaner and Durapipe PVC-U pipework are available as a complete system via our national network of distributors.

New Ball Valve for Building Services
We are delighted to announce the launch of our new EV Ball Valve. This new valve will allow us to provide a competitive alternative to traditional materials including steel, brass and copper. The ABS EV Ball valve is the ideal solution for meeting ABS chilled water isolation valve requirements. It is available in ? to 2" or 20mm to 63mm in socket weld or BSP threaded ends.

The Durapipe EV Ball Valve has EPDM seals and is double union ended and can be connected in-line without the need for transition fittings.

The new valve is ideal for the requirements of the building services market as it offers immediate cost and time saving features, the flexibility also allows the new valve to be dismounted and maintained quickly and efficiently, without further cost implications.

Metric to Imperial - One simple connection
Philmac has extended its range of Imperial OD fittings to offer users the perfect solution when it comes to joining metric to imperial pipes.

The Philmac Imperial OD Grey-Nut fittings allow connection from metric to imperial BS1972/3284 with one, single dedicated fitting. Removing the need for any pipe inserts or adaptors.

The unique fitting enables plumbers to overcome a variety of problems by being able to connect to Polyethylene or Alkathene pipes BS1972/3284 of any imperial size. Furthermore, as with all Philmac fittings, they can offer reduced installation times, speed of jointing and secure fittings for all pipe types and with no additional tools required.

Durapipe UK
Walsall Road
Norton Canes
Cannock, Staffordshire
WS11 9NS
Tel: +44 (0)1543 279909


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