28  February  2020

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Concept Systems Ltd.

Concept Systems Ltd. is a leading supplier of advanced IT systems, solutions and services to the E&P industry. We have earned an international reputation for anticipating customer needs and providing tools that deliver dramatic efficiency improvements and operational cost savings in the highly competitive seismic acquisition market.

We supply products and services that span the entire seismic workflow including:

Software tools for survey design and planning
Real-time acquisition systems and software for navigation and data management
Geophysical services for 2D, 3D and 4D seismic surveys in marine, OBC and land operations
Concept Systems is customer focused and committed to building close customer relationships. We provide 24Hr worldwide support on mission critical products and are committed to continuous development which ensures that our customers are able to keep pace with advances in acquisition technology.

Products and Services

A world leader in the supply of real time navigation and positioning products, Concept Systems' SPECTRA integrated navigation system has become an industry standard for 2D, 3D and 4D marine streamer operations. Our GATOR OBS command and control system has transformed the control and data management of OBS surveys and has a proven track record of delivering significant improvements in efficiency and cost effectiveness across a diverse range of OBS projects, including 4D, multi-component and transition zone operations.

To complement our real-time acquisition products we supply a range of survey analysis and QC tools, which include:

SPRINT navigation data processing & QC system
REFLEX binning and attribute analysis package
SWAT wide survey analysis and QC tool.
MERCATOR, survey planning and mapping package
GeoMatrix a comprehensive family of survey calculation tools.
Our next generation marine acquisition system, ORCA, is a fully integrated survey wide control system which builds on the foundations of SPECTRA, SPRINT and REFLEX to provide new levels of instrument room automation.

Concept Systems is uniquely positioned to provide a range of Geophysical Services to oil & gas companies and seismic acquisition contractors backed up by a comprehensive library of software tools and experienced personnel.

We offer contractors a complete Field IT service which addresses all of the IT issues in streamer, land and OBS operations. Oil & gas companies and contractors benefit from our range of data processing and Geophysical analysis services.

4D solutions
Navigation processing & QC
Illumination analysis for design, PreSDM imaging and other applications
Where new technology solutions are required we offer an innovative Fast Track Development service that provides a rapid, flexible development model to ensure that project objectives are met on time and on budget.

I/O Headquarters
12300 Parc Crest Drive
Stafford, TX 77477
Phone: 281 933 3339
Fax: 281 879 3626


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