17  December  2018

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Our short-term objective is to focus on areas where production can be achieved quickly and efficiently to create cash flow to fund operations and allow us to pursue our medium and long-term objectives. To date, we have established production at the Dagang enhanced oil recovery project in China, at the South Midway Sunset, Lost Hills and North Salt Creek fields in the San Joaquin Basin of California, at the Knights Landing gas area in California and the Spraberry Area of West Texas. Our medium term objective is focused on the Sichuan Basin of China and the deep natural gas potential of the San Joaquin Basin of California.

In addition, we are pursuing the application of heavy oil upgrading technology through our April 2005 merger with Ensyn Group, Inc. (Ensyn). We now have full control of the proprietary, patented Rapid Thermal Process (RTP? upgrading technology for the development of heavy oil deposits around the world.

There are significant quantities of heavy oil deposits worldwide that have not been developed. The RTP technology has the potential to substantially improve the economics and transportation of heavy oil. In remote parts of the world, the considerable reduction in viscosity of the heavy oil through the RTP?process will allow the oil to be transported economically over long distances. In addition to a dramatic improvement in oil quality, an RTP?facility can yield large amounts of surplus energy for production of the steam and electricity used in heavy oil production. The thermal energy from the RTP?process would provide heavy oil producers with an alternative to increasingly volatile prices for natural gas that now is widely used to generate steam

Our long-term objective is to become a leader in the development of gas-to-liquids (GTL) projects. We foresee rapidly increasing future demand for clean energy as environmental regulations become more stringent and the world's supply of crude oil becomes more sour and heavy. We plan to apply Syntroleum's proprietary GTL technology in the production of environmentally-clean synthetic fuels from stranded natural gas deposits, which would otherwise be uneconomic to exploit.

Ivanhoe has advanced each of these objectives and is poised for significant growth as each project matures and its value becomes apparent to the financial community, our peers and the general public.

Ivanhoe Energy Inc.
654 - 999 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3E1

Phone: (604) 688-8323
Fax: (604) 688-7168
Email: info@ivanhoeenergy.com
Internet: www.ivanhoeenergy.com


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