27  February  2020

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Aspen Tech

For more than 23 years, process manufacturers have chosen AspenTech to help them transform the way they design and run their operations. This long history of working with our customers to understand their contemporary challenges and to develop solutions that meet them is based on AspenTech's unparalleled combination of capabilities:

An Exceptional Ability to Transform Process Modeling Expertise into Model-Based Decision Support Technology

Since our inception, AspenTech's focus has been on applying process engineering know-how to modeling the manufacturing and supply chain processes that characterize the process industries. We are, in fact, the market leader in providing many of the software applications that the process industries depend on today Aspen HYSYS® and Aspen Plus™ for process simulation and optimization, Aspen DMCplus™ for advanced process control, Aspen PIMS™ for advanced planning & scheduling, and Aspen InfoPlus.21™ for plant information management, just to name a few.

This core expertise has provided our customers with mission-critical solutions that enable them to make more profitable decisions in their operations. Our solutions are also an integral part of many of our customers' operational excellence initiatives.

Recognized Industry and Mathematical Expertise

AspenTech's recognized team of industry and mathematical experts is exclusively focused on the process industries, and offers cumulative centuries of experience in process simulation, advanced process control, online optimization, supply planning, production planning and scheduling, and inventory management. This specialized team not only guides the development of AspenTech software, but also contributes to a wide variety of professional services that range from strategy development, to program development and deployment, and implementation of industry best practices.

Unmatched Customer Base
AspenTech has an established track record of partnering with our customers to help them achieve sustainable value. Our large installed base of satisfied customers is testimony to our ability to deliver and support profitable solutions for 23 of the top 25 oil companies; 47 of the top 50 chemical companies; and all of the top five engineering, procurement and construction firms.

Breadth of Offering

AspenTech's solutions span more of the enterprise operations space than those offered by any other single vendor, enabling us to provide greater value at lower risk. Only AspenTech has the complement of solutions and professional services required to deliver the integrated, comprehensive offering demanded by today's process manufacturers.

As we look to the future, we are confident that we will continue to lead the industry and be a strong and secure partner for our customers.

Industry Solutions

aspenONE™: Changing the Game for Process Manufacturers
aspenONE is the first comprehensive set of software solutions and professional services designed to help process companies achieve their operational excellence objectives.

Integration and Visbility
Unlike point solutions, which are designed to solve problems related to individual tasks such as planning or scheduling, aspenONE solutions provide process manufacturers with a full complement of integrated software solutions, professional services, and program management - all tailored to their industry-specific manufacturing processes.

By adopting aspenONE, process manufacturers can deliver on their operational excellence initiatives more quickly, transforming the way they manage the key business processes of engineering and innovation, plant operations and supply chain management. aspenONE enables them to move toward real-time management and decision making, and improve their operations based a new set of capabilities that provide:

An ability to monitor and analyze operational KPIs, perform root cause analysis and leverage models to facilitate optimal decision making
An ability to synchronize manufacturing plans with supply chain processes based on accurate insight into plant capabilities
An ability to detect and respond to unanticipated manufacturing and supply chain problems and opportunities
Vertical-Market Orientation
Because the challenges and opportunities in achieving operational excellence are inherently specific to each vertical industry C such as petroleum or chemicals C aspenONE solutions integrate AspenTech's industry-leading point solutions in each of our customers' vertical industries. The licensable result is a set of scalable modules that correspond to our customers' business processes and facilitate real-time decision making according to the distinctive demands of that industry.

Modular Design
The modular design of aspenONE gives process manufacturers the ability to control the scope and speed of implementation projects, allowing them to focus their efforts on the processes that require the most urgent attention. It also reduces the risk of high implementation costs, and enables companies to fund future projects with the benefits achieved by modules they have already selected.

Compliance with Industry Standards
Additionally, all aspenONE solutions support one setnoperating systems, and are compatible with all major industry standards, including CAPE-OPEN and ISA S-95 - thereby simplifying implementation and maintenance.

A Game Changer for the Process Industries
aspenONE fundamentally changes the game for process manufacturers, providing them with a foundation for innovation and growth by improving the efficiency of their business processes through real-time decision making; and offering them a holistic system to manage and optimize their operational performance.

Using aspenONE, process companies will be able to make operational decisions based on profitability rather than on expedience.

Even more important, they will be able to identify profit opportunities, and, quite literally for the first time, actually manage their operations rather than react to them.

If you have sales-related questions, would like specific industry information or need assistance with purchasing AspenTech products, and would like to speak with a sales representative, please call our eSales office in the US at 281-584-1945.

If you have Investor Relations questions, please call 1-888-996-7080.

Worldwide Headquarters
Aspen Technology, Inc.
Ten Canal Park
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141-2201
Fax: +1-617-949-1030
email: info@aspentech.com



AspenTech Pte. Ltd.
371 Beach Road #23-01
Singapore 199597
Phone: +65 6395 3900
Fax: +65 6395 3950


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