27  February  2020

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Borsig GmbH, a Berlin company founded over 160 years ago, is an international market leader for the manufacture of pressure vessels for the chemical and petrochemical industry. Our company also operates worldwide in the field of industrial services.

Our technical know-how was fusioned with new technologies - the product related philosophy was replaced by practical strategy in systems. Our tradition, experience and know-how enables us to provide each customer with an optimum solution for every individual application. The name Borsig stands for innovation in technology, production and industrial services on an international scale.

Process Gas Waste Heat System

Borsig has been supplying process gas waste heat boilers for the high pressure and high temperature ranges to the petrochemical industries for over 25 years. Indepth experience, comprehensive know-how, practical design approach, state of the art fabrication and testing methods as well as highly qualified and motivated personnel have contributed to our reputation as the worldwide leading manufacturer in this field of engineering.

Every process gas waste heat system manufactured by Borsig is designed exactly in accordance with the customers individual requirements and is provided with special design features for the various operating conditions and applications.

The waste heat boilers are designed for gas pressures up to 300 bar (30000 kPa), gas inlet temperatures up to 1.200 C and steam pressures up to 140 bar (14000 kPa).

The applications for process gas waste heat systems include:
Ammonia, methanol, hydrogen and ethylene plants, direct reduction plants in iron metallurgy, sulfur recovery plants, coal gasification and gas-to-liquid plants as well as other applications.

Random configuration of the following units can be adapted to each individual process gas waste heat system:

Reform gas waste heat system, steam superheater (1- or 2-stage), HT SHIFT waste heat boiler, feed preheater, gas/gas heat exchanger, steam drums, superheated steam cooler, synthesis gas waste heat boiler, quench cooler and other units.

Quench Cooler

The Borsig quench coolers tunnelflow quench coolers and linear quench coolers are used in plants for ethylene production. Ethylene is the basic product for the manufacture of synthetic material. In socalled cracking furnaces, crude oil products (such as petrol/diesel) are transformed chemically to cracked gas at approx. 1.000C. In addition to other gases, this cracked gas also contains ethylene. In order to obtain a maximum gain of ethylene, the cracked gas has to be cooled down very rapidly to approx. 400 C. This cooling process takes place in our quench coolers (cooling agent: water). The high pressure steam resulting during the cooling process is conducted to a steam drum where it is used for energy recovery purposes. In subsequently arranged vessels, the ethylene is separated from the other gases and pure ethylene is obtained in the final phase.

Quench coolers - the design is decided by the plant concept

When planning ethylene plants, our customers adopt various plant concepts. The tunnel cooler or the linear cooler is applied depending on the project itself. However, the function is the same in all plants: rapid cooling of cracked gas.

Scraped Surface Exchangers


De-waxing of lube oil, paraxylol plants, continual mixing of liquid and semi-solid products under cooling or heating, heat transfer at major fouling of the transfer surface by the product, heat transfer at high viscosity of the product.

We supply scraped surface exchangers for each required volume flow and thermal capacity in the internal tube dimensions 6 Inch, 8 Inch, 10 Inch and 12 Inch.

The scraped surface exchangers consist of double tube elements with a rotating scraper shaft in the internal tube. The shafts are driven by our special drive unit.

The advantages of the Borsig design are as follows:
Drive system

The chain wheel is located on a stationary bearing neck which takes up the radial loading caused by the chain pulling force. In this way, a bending cyclic stress of the shaft is avoided.

As there is no radial loading of the drive shaft, a significant improvement of the shaft sealing is obtained.
The life service duration of the roller bearings is over 100.000 operating hours.
Maintenance intervals more than 4 years.
Water and dust seal-tight gear casing for outdoor installation
In the event of a fracture of the shear pin, the chain wheel continues to rotate on its main bearings.
The drive shaft with the shaft bearings can be removed without dismantling the chain drive.

Scraper shaft

Low pressure loss, particularly for tubes of sizes 10 Inch and 12 Inch.
Product deposit scaling is prevented by the smooth streamline shape.
Optimum spring force resulting in low scraper blade wear
Large spiral spring thrust resulting in long service life of the scraper blades.
Robust design of the scraper blade holder resulting in insensitivity to overloading.
No danger of fracturing to springs and holder in the event of any unintentional reverse movement of the scraper shaft.
Spiral springs cause a selfcentering of the shaft with a subsequent relief of the bearings.

Pipework Engineering

Pipework engineering involves the planning and design of connecting piping in plant construction.

The performances of pipework engineering include:
collision check
flexibility calculations
establishing isometrics for the 3-dimensional bending of tubes
construction and commissioning
orders for materials

Membrane Gas Separation Technology

The Borsig membrane gas separation technology offers membrane technology and process for the treatment of gases and vapours for a wide range of applications in the crude oil and natural gas industry, in refineries as well as in petrochemical processes.

The treatment of process gases with the membrane method includes a series of process-related advantages such as uncomplicated process management with a high degree of reliability and process safety as well as a high level of economy. The Borsig membrane gas separation technology offers highly efficient and economical process solutions, in particular for the following applications:

vapour recovery (petrol vapour, solvents, etc.)
crude oil and natural gas industries
(e.g. NGL production, hydrocarbon dewpoint setting, calorific value setting)
refineries and petrochemistry
(LPG production, ethylene, propylene recovery etc.)

Borsig GmbH
Mailing address: P.O. Box ?13500 Berlin/Germany
Delivery address: Egellsstrasse 21 ?13507 Berlin/Germany
Phone: (49) 030 4301-01
Fax: (49) 030 4301-2236
e-mail: aborsig@borsig.de


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