27  February  2020

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Ensyn Corporation

Ensyn Corp (EC), the parent of several Ensyn companies, has two primary business objectives: to develop industrial applications for its core technology, Rapid Thermal Processing or (RTP, and to exploit these applications commercially in the biomass sector.

RTP is a patented, state-of-the-art process that transforms carbon-based feedstocks, either wood "biomass" or petroleum hydrocarbons, to more valuable chemical and fuel products.

Commercial RTP?activities take place in Ensyn's principal subsidiary, Ensyn Renewables Inc. (ERI). ERI carries out the business of biomass processing. A former Ensyn entity, Ensyn Petroleum Inc. (EPI), was responsible for RTP applications in heavy oil and bitumen conversion. EPI and its parent Ensyn Group Inc. were recently acquired by Invanhoe Energy Inc

Initial development of the RTP?technology was carried by Ensyn Technologies Inc. (ETI), the precursor of EC. ETI remains an operating company and is responsible for RTP?product and process development. The world-class ETI Research and Development lab near Ottawa is fully equipped for optimization and refinement of existing technology, and for the development of new applications.

The concept for RTP?was initiated in 1979 when Dr. Robert Graham, presently the President and CEO of EC, began a collaborative association with Dr. Maurice Bergougnou at the University of Western Ontario (U.W.O.). At that time, Dr. Bergougnou had an extensive research history and an enduring interest in the treatment of hydrocarbons to produce high yields of petrochemicals under conditions of rapid heat transfer, extremely short contact times and high temperatures.

Mr. Barry Freel, presently the President of ETI, joined the U.W.O. team and a bench unit was constructed to apply short-contact time conversion techniques to biomass materials, particularly wood.

Commercial development began in earnest in 1984 when the first Ensyn company was formed. The focus then shifted to lower-temperature processing and the production of liquid fuel and value-added chemicals rather than petrochemicals.

Over a relatively short period of time, less than 6 years, a unique and practical conversion process was developed, commercial markets for the products were found, and the bench units were scaled progressively from a capacity of a few hundred grams per hour to industrial-scale plants. Also during this time period, Ensyn's proprietary process became known as Rapid Thermal Processing or RTP?

Rapid commercialization was made possible through the granting of an exclusive license to Red Arrow Food Products Company Ltd. of Wisconsin (www.redarrowusa.com) for certain product applications in the food industry. Under this agreement, Ensyn and Red Arrow have been producing commercial quantities of bio-oil for the production of specialty products since 1990. Also, since that time the residual bio-fuel and charcoal products have been used to provide industrial heat, and to produce "green" electricity.

The industrial scale and reliable performance of the first commercial RTP?plants at Red Arrow led to the progressive development of additional products and commercial applications:

By 1996, there were four RTP?plants in commercial operation

In 2001, an RTP?Biomass Refining plant was built and commissioned with a capacity to produce in excess of 1,8 million kg (4 million lb) of natural resin products per year, from the existing commercial bio-oil production

In 2002, Ensyn built and commissioned what was at that time its largest new RTP?plant, with a capacity to process almost 100 green tons per day.

A sixth commercial RTP?biomass plant, designed to produce specialty chemical products, was built and put into service in 2003 Several additional commercial projects are at various stages of development.

Ensyn's largest RTP?Biomass Refinery is presently under construction in Renfrew, Ontario. It will be completed in the summer of 2005 and will convert 160 green tons of wood per day into natural resin products, co-polymers, other chemicals, liquid fuel and green electricity. Other projects are being developed with strategic partners in Canada, the USA and Europe.

What do we do?

Ensyn: Two Key Objectives - Two Strategic Business Applications

Ensyn's mission is to develop industrial applications for its core technology, Rapid Thermal Processing, and to implement these applications in industry. There are currently two distinct applications of the RTP?technology - biomass (wood) processing and petroleum upgrading.

Biomass Processing: Renewable Fuels and Chemicals In wood or other biomass operations, Ensyn's RTP?process produces high yields, typically 75% by weight, of a light liquid "bio-oil" from which natural value-added chemicals and fuels are recovered. Other product streams include carbon, in the form of charcoal, and a combustible gas. This operation is known as "biomass refining" and is analogous to the refining of petroleum crudes which produces a broad spectrum of liquid fuels and value-added petrochemicals.

Petroleum Upgrading

In petroleum applications, Ensyn's RTP?technology upgrades heavy oil and bitumen, producing high yields of lighter more valuable liquid products. Yields of the stable, low viscosity liquid are greater than 85% by volume, and high conversion of the heavy resid fraction is evident. In addition, a valuable byproduct gas is produced, and usable excess heat is generated from the byproduct coke.

Ensyn Corporation
Head Office
400 W 9th Street
Willmington , Delaware
Telephone: +1 302 425-3740
Fax: +1 302 425-3742

Ensyn Corp Subsidiaries:

Ensyn Technologies Inc.
Corporate Offices and Engineering
2 Gurdwara Road
Suite 210
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K2E 1A2
Telephone: +1 613 248-2257
Fax: +1 613 248-2260

Ensyn Renewables Inc.
400 W 9th Street
Willmington, Delaware
Telephone: +1 302 425-3740
Fax: +1 302 425-3742

Ensyn International Ltd.
Broughton House
6-8 Sackville Street
London WIX 1DD
United Kingdom
Telephone: +1 44 20 7434-1821
Fax: +1 44 20 7434-1908


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