27  February  2020

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Petr車leo Brasileiro S/A

The history of Petrobras goes hand in hand with Brazil's own petroleum history. A company that, in the early the 21st century, very efficiently faces up to every challenge.

Petr車leo Brasileiro S/A is:

An integrated company operating in exploration, production, refining, trading, and transportation of petroleum and its byproducts, at home and abroad.

An energy company with huge social responsibility, and deeply concerned with environmental preservation.

A company whose past achievements have been awarded by numerous records and international recognition.

Ninety-three production platforms, ten refineries, almost ten thousand miles (around sixteen thousand kilometers) of pipeline, and seven thousand service stations. Wherever you go, Petrobras is there, contributing toward the development of Brazil.

Petrobras is headquartered in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and has offices and administration managers in major Brazilian cities, such as Salvador, Brasilia and S?o Paulo. Given the new highly competitive scenario of the energy industry, Petrobras has taken a new stance toward the future, using the most modern management tools.

A new strong, well-positioned structure is helping the company achieve its strategic goals of growth, internationalization, profitability and productivity.

Under the new organizational structure model, the company now operates in four business areas - E&P (Exploration and Production), Downstream, Gas & Energy, and International -, two support areas - Financial and Services -, and the corporate units directly linked to the CEO. The new structure not only improves all operational aspects and company results, but also provides room for the employees to develop their potential, and to benefit from the added value business.

In addition to its holding activities, the Petrobras System includes subsidiaries - independent companies with their own executive boards, linked to the head office.

Petrobras performs various activities overseas, and maintains a steady international operation, for example, in petroleum procurement, technologies, equipment, materials and services; following the development of American and European economies; financial operations with banks and stock exchanges; recruitment of skilled personnel; ship chartering; support at international events.

And Petrobras is also present in other countries, namely Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Nigeria, and the United States, as well as having the support of its overseas offices in New York (ESNOR) , and Japan (ESJAP), for example.

Its presence at major events and international forums is very important, since this offers Petrobras excellent business opportunities. Its knowledge of the market and agents involved helps transmit its competitive edge to the customer, directly and objectively.

Likewise, CENPES, the Petrobras research center, has one of the most advanced technologies in the world, and is internationally renowned for its high proficiency.

Navigate through the company profile, accessing the following items:

Business areas - Petrobras operates in a number of areas in the energy sector. Company operations are divided into Exploration & Production, Gas & Energy, Supply, and International, ranging from oil and gas exploration to distribution, passing through refining and supply.

Organization chart - The organization model approved by the Board of Directors allows Petrobras to adopt modern management tools to make it a more transparent, efficient and dynamic company. Petrobras is taking a decisive step forward to achieve the strategic goals of growth, internationalization, profitability and productivity.

Administration and Statutory Audit Committee - Meet the members of the Board of Directors, Executive Board, Statutory Audit Committee, President's Cabinet, and General Secretariat of Petrobras.

Registration Data - Petr車leo Brasileiro S.A., headquartered at Avenida Chile 65, Rio de Janeiro. Here you can find this and any other Petrobras corporate data.


Vehicle Gasoline

Aviation Fuels

Diesel Fuel

Finished Lube Oils and Greases

Base Oils

Fuel Oils


Natural Gas

Asphalt Products




Fertilizer Raw Material

Petrochemical Naphtha

Green Coke



- Petrobras Customer Call Service (CCS)
- Service Stations
- Bunkering

Petrobras' Shareholders Department

Phone: (55 21) 3224-1540 and 3224-4914
Fax: (55 21) 2262-3678
Av. Rep迆blica do Chile, 65 - sala 401 E
Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - CEP: 20.031-912
E-mail: acionistas@petrobras.com.br

Shareholder Services for ADR holders

1-877-CITIADR (248-4237)

Investors and Analysts

Phone: (55 21) 3224-1510 or 3224-9947
Fax: (55 21) 3224-6055
Av. Rep迆blica do Chile, 65 - sala 401 E
Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - CEP: 20.031-912
E-mail: petroinvest@petrobras.com.br


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