23  February  2020

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Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions is a world leader in pipeline management software for the oil & gas industry. Our solutions help the world's best energy companies improve their financial performance by optimizing key business processes. Since 1976, clients have depended on our integrated operational and commercial solutions, and advanced modeling, to deliver:

Improve revenue from existing assets
Reduce operating costs
Improve customer service levels
Ensure safety compliance
Gain competitive advantage
Does your pipeline need a better bottom line? Does your management demand aggressive, no-nonsense financial and operational solutions? Contact us to learn more about our solutions.


Energy Solutions, the number one player in real time performance optimization of oil and gas pipelines, has a unique product offering with sound business value that is financially attractive to the industry. Our solutions help leading pipeline owners and operators around the world to improve efficiency and safety compliance by optimizing key business processes - from design and planning to operations. This integrated suite of products improves your ability to make comprehensive pipeline decisions.
With PipelineSuite's four main application modules, you can finally align your pipeline's business strategy and operational execution:

You can't afford guesswork. Utilize steady-state and transient hydraulic analysis techniques to run high-performance offline simulations for more efficient and effective design and planning, as well as an improved training efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Want premium profitability? From leak detection to predictive scenarios, use proprietary real-time modeling and simulation
technology to bring the boardroom and the control room together with the best possible business decisions.

Are you leveraging your information for optimal returns? Bring financial, operational and customer information together to optimize your scheduling and nominations business processes.

Stop wasting time! Apply smart technology and business processes to collect, analyze, track, and report natural gas sales and purchase transactions for improved customer service levels, reduced operational costs and ensured compliance.

China Office
Building B, Room 1606,
Sunshine 100 International Apartment,
No.2 Guanghua Road,
CBD,Chaoyang district,
Beijing 100026,
tel: +86 10 51000 382
fax: +86 10 51000 385


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