6  June  2020

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Geveke Pompen

The activities of Geveke Pompen include consulting, supply, assembly, commissioning and maintenance with respect to components and assembled systems applied in and around the production processes of a variety of branches of industry. Sales and marketing are handled by customer-oriented departments, each dedicated to its own market segments.


Centrifugal pumps: standard chemical, magnetically coupled, high speed
Displacement pumps: screw spindle, reciprocating
Compressors: high speed, piston
Pump packages: chemical injection, sealing systems, odorisers, and lube oil systems
Steam turbines: single and multistage

Components are drawn from internationally renowned producers, represented by Geveke Pompen in the Netherlands on an exclusive basis. Quality Assurance system meeting the ISO 9002 requirements. The most stringent VCA system insuring a safe operation of our field mechanics and engineers on your site.

Lewa: plunger and diaphragm metering pumps, acc. API 675
Sundyne: vertical in-line high speed centrifugal pumps, acc. API 610
Sundyne: vertical in-line high speed centrifugal compressors, acc. API 617
Sunflo: horizontal high speed centrifugal pumps
HMD: magnetic drive and canned motor pumps, acc. ANSI, ISO and API
Coppus: steam turbines, acc. API 611
Murray: steam turbines, acc. API 612
Union: plunger pumps, acc. API 674
NEA: piston type compressors, acc. API 618

Geveke Pompen shares its customers' conviction that quality is not only determined by the product itself, but for the greatest part by specialist sales advice, the keeping of promises, and by a comprehensive after sales service quality values, which we therefore consequently add to its products. Here lies the attraction of Geveke Pompen as a supplier.


Project engineering is available for all kinds of pump applications like methanol and chemical dosing, high pressure injection, odorant injection, lube or seal oil circulation, etc.

Our engineers design the pump systems in detail, providing drawings and data for the customer's approval. The components are selected, purchased and inspected in order to ensure that they are well matched for reliable operation and also fulfil the customer requirements.


The pump systems are designed by our own engineers and adapted to the client's specific requirements. Making the best selection of the pump from our complete and extensive pump program. Together with the tanks, piping, mixers, instruments and control panel, the design is based on client specifications and the industrial standard codes such as ASME, ANSI, BS, DIN, TV, Stoomwezen, etc.

Our technology is supported by experience since 1978. A reference list is available on request.


Before shipment each package is subject to a functional test. The test may be specified by the customer or to our own exacting standards.


The final product is a pump package, easy to install and ready for start-up. Tailor-made to comply with your specific process data and company or international standards. Everything supplied to you by one vendor.


All product support activities of Geveke Pompen are centralised in Amsterdam. Our workshop is suited for repair and testing. Two in-house designed test units are available to perform functional testing on centrifugal, rotary and reciprocating plunger or diaphragm pumps. From our product support centre we offer worldwide:

Commissioning, start up assistance and training - check on field installation in order to ensure that each pump system is properly installed to guarantee reliable operation. The package is taken into operation and, if requested, operators are instructed on the job.

After sales service - skilled mechanics and service engineers are available for repair and troubleshooting.

Spare parts delivery - spare parts for all delivered components are available. A large quantity of spares are stored at our warehouse.

Geveke Pompen
PO Box 820
1000 AV Amsterdam
Tel: +31 205 829 111
Fax: +31 206 861 604
Email: info@geveke-pompen.nl


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