23  February  2020

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RENTECH offers high quality boiler and environmental products that are utilized in power generation. These include fired packaged watertube boilers for use as auxiliary boilers and boilers for turbine warm-up systems, Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) boilers and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems for NOx and CO control.

RENTECH's fired packaged watertube boilers are used as auxiliary boilers for critical backup and as boilers for turbine warm-up systems. They are available for steam capacities up to 400,000lb/hr, 1,800psig and 1,000F.

A completely drainable convective superheater operates at lower gas side temperatures, which extends superheater life, and two-stage convective superheaters dramatically improve performance over the range of turndown conditions. Watertube boilers also feature conservative steam drum sizing and chevron vane separation technology that minimizes any moisture carryover.

100% membrane wall fabrication provides a fully water-cooled furnace with zero gas bypass and inherently lower emissions.

There is no use of refractory walls or refractory seals and the front and rear membrane walls come with a standard five-year warranty.

The exclusive RENTECH headered membrane front and rear walls eliminate the problems associated with other designs.

"A" Type watertube boilers have an open bottom design for solid fuel boiler applications and convection banks designed for tight control of gas velocities. They are custom designed for various fuel compositions, firing methods and allowable emissions.

The RENTECH Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) is a natural circulation boiler with a proven design that enables unlimited cyclical operation that is typical of today's gas turbine combined-cycle plants. They are designed for turbines of 3MW to 50MW for on-site electrical power generation, industrial cogeneration and CHP.

HRSG boilers feature fully drainable coils and are independently vented. They have straight-in header connections and the superheater drains quickly to remove condensate during the turbine purge cycle. Transient limitations are reduced by HP steam drum designs.

RENTECH provides modular design for all HRSG boilers. In many instances where there are no shipping constraints and available crane capacity, pre-fabricated modules can minimize the amount of fabrication required in the field.

RENTECH's SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems for NOx and CO control applications cover fired packaged watertube boilers, HRSG boilers (fired and unfired) and high temperature for simple-cycle applications.

Our approach to achieving lower emissions starts with a thermal evaluation of the combustion turbine, heater, or boiler which must be controlled. Unlike emission control suppliers who only provide post combustion equipment, we understand all of the process conditions and can optimize the system in the most cost-effective manner.

By incorporating RENTECH's knowledge of heat transfer, low emissions burner, and catalytic reduction technologies, we are capable of offering a fully integrated solution that complies with all performance criteria and is backed by a single-source guarantee.

SCR systems, designed and supplied by RENTECH, are utilized to control NOx emissions from various combustion sources down to single-digit PPM levels. In applications where CO or Hydrocarbons must be further controlled, oxidation catalyst systems are employed.

Optimum performance of the emission control system involves proper selection of the SCR and CO/Oxidation catalysts to determine their suitability to the specific process being controlled. RENTECH offers a catalyst for virtually every service condition that may be encountered.

An extensive database of information on various manufacturers, formulations and geometries has been developed to enable our engineers to specify the best catalyst for each application.

Selection is optimized for the type of fuel being burned, flue gas composition, range of operating temperatures, pressure drop, and spatial limitations that may be encountered.

Typical SCR applications include: fired packaged boilers, heat recovery steam generators, waste heat boilers, process heaters, fluidized catalytic cracking units, ethylene furnaces and simple-cycle gas turbines.

RENTECH Boiler Systems, Inc.
5025 East Business 20
Abilene, TX 79601
Tel: +1 915 672 3400
Fax: +1 915 672 9996
Email: sales@rentechboilers.com


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