23  February  2020

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EPS provides 'best-in-class' petroleum engineering software, IT integration skills, petroleum engineering services and training to achieve breakthroughs in performance and increased value in upstream oil and gas assets.
Reo is a software tool that can be used in all phases of field life, from planning through development and operations, and to enable petroleum, production, facility and other engineers to share the same integrated model of the field and perform various analysis and design activities.


PALMS is an Oracle based application providing upstream assets with a complete asset management performance monitoring tool, delivering substantial cost and efficiency savings. The Software is used to intergrate Data Collection, Production Allocation, Loss Management, Reporting & Implementation.


WellFlo is a program which models and optimizes oil and gas wells. The suite comprises of WellFlo, ESP, Gas-Lift/Dynalift, FieldFlo packages. WellFlo is widely used by oil and gas producing companies to enhance their well.


The objective of PanSystem is to provide a system to enable the user to perform efficiently all tasks associated with the design, analysis and simulation of well test data. PanMesh is an extension to PanSystem - EPS's market leading welltest analysis software. PanMesh uses finite element numerical modeling to simulate welltests involving typical modern "real world" complexity.


MatBal is designed to allow analysis, evaluation and prediction of the response of hydrocarbon reservoir systems using fundamental material balance principles. MatBal provides all the functionality required within an up-to-date interface, designed to streamline all stages of the process.

Head Office:
Research Park, Riccarton
Edinburgh, EH14 4AP
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)131 449 4536
Fax: +44 (0)131 449 5123
Email: info@e-petroleumservices.com


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