10  July  2020

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Clarke Energy China

Clarke Energy has recently established it's first office in Beijing, China. Clarke Energy China Ltd is a whole owned foreign enterprise tackling the potential gas to power market in China 每 primarily coal mining methane (CMM), coal bed methane (CBM), landfill gas and biogas, along with other similar applications.

With an impressive record worldwide, Clarke Energy are able to bring the certainty of delivery, certainty to operate and certainty to provide technical support to its clients in China. Clarke Energy China are committed to providing a practical solution to address the safety, environmental, energy and social issues which are facing China's coal industry in particular

Coal Mine Safety

Gas explosions affect coal production and the local community 每 and account for approximately 50% of fatalities in China's coal mines. A safe way to prevent this would be in extracting the gas that is present and, although significant resources have been given to the industry as a whole, only a small percentage of this went towards the capturing of CMM and CBM.

As a solution to this, Clarke Energy offers an innovative container based modular design 每 including control system, gas flow stabiliser and remote scada 每 along with GE Energy's Jenbacher gas engines, as a way of improving the capture of gas and as a source of green energy. It also provides a safer working environment by reducing the risk of underground explosions due to the reduced gas content.

Clarke Energy China is committed to providing China with the wealth of knowledge and experience that Clarke Energy has gained throughout the world in the assessment, design, implementation and management of CBM and CMM energy projects.

Key project skills include:
- Integration of gas engine generation equipment from GE Energy Jenbacher
- Assessment and appraisal of technical and financial project risks
- Project management and design from pre-order to commercial development
- Design and management of an integrated gas control, recovery and utilisation strategy
- Fast delivery and localised service centre including warehouse
- Understanding both Western and local cultures

Contact Details
Dr Ian Wang 每 General Manager
Mobile: +(86) 139 1057 5857
Email: ian.wang@clarke-energy.com


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