25  May  2019

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Penta was born in 1977 for production of standard PTFE seated ball valves but already in 1979 started a research program to find a suitable material for valve seating able to withstand high temperature services and extreme conditions.

After testing several "solid" metals and hard coatings both for seats and balls, it was decided to "create" a brand new material to meet the requirement of market.

This new material was to have had the following features:

Metallic properties, specially for which compressive strength refers;

Low friction factor, to reduce valve torque;

Self lubricating, to eliminate galling experienced with others solid metals;

High elasticity, to eliminate the lapping of seat to a specific side of the ball and to allow quick and easy interchangeability;

High corrosion resistance.

PENTAFITE is our exclusive material that gives an answer to all above requirements.

Production of metal seated ball valves with unique PENTAFITE technology was started since 1980.

From that time research and development together a constant contact with end users experiences, absorbed most of our human and economic resources.

More than twenty years activity, has given to Penta and Pentafite a worldwide meaning of tight shut off, best quality and top performance in metal seated ball valves design and manufacturing.

This twenty-years experience in investigation and verification of all possible alternative or new solutions, allowed Penta to get a comprehensive field experience in many "problematic" services thanks to a technical approach to the supplies.

This way to approach all the inquiries, more technical than trading, is still our main philosophy and allow our customer to find in Penta a valid technical support more than simple valves supplier.

Penta consider the customer more as part of his family than only a business partner and now this is worldwide recognized, from all Europe to India, from South Africa to Finland, from Singapore to United States.

Since 1995 Penta has been part of ALFA VALVOLE group, which is one of Italy and Europe leading producers of soft seated ball valves.

We are proud of our products and our company and we always work to maintain the good reputation that Penta and Pentafite mean in high performance metal seated ball valves industry.

In conclusion, safety and reliability together with full satisfaction of customer's expectations is the main criteria on which design and manufacture of Penta valves is based.


Address: Via Torricelli, 27 - 25080 - Molinetto di Mazzano (BS) Italy
Telephone: +39 030 26 29 175
Fax: +39 030 26 29 176


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