27  February  2020

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Inocean AS

Inocean AS was established in 1996 in Oslo, and also has offices in Stavanger and Houston. Inocean is a technology company within naval architectural design, engineering and marine operations, serving major offshore companies and ship owners at home and abroad. Inocean is set to take part in the future development of floating structures and marine operations.


Inocean deals with every phase of marine engineering, such as global and local structural design and calculations, hydrodynamic and hydrostatic calculations, riser and mooring calculations, technical drawing and documentation and the design of special tools.

Marine Operations

Inocean analyzes, plans, executes and leads marine operations and mobilizes vessels for offshore construction work. The company’s aim is to reduce offshore weather-related delays to a minimum through using special tools and advanced simulations. Inocean also provides the personnel needed to perform the actual offshore operations.

In-house Designs & Products

Inocean offers a range of products, such as:

?Lophius semi-submersible
?Anchor handling and stand-by vessels
?Steel production L-riser design
?3-CODS subsea drilling derrick

R&D Projects

Inocean is currently engaged in a joint R&D project on developing next-generation propulsion systems with industrial partners and research institutions.

Skur 35 Akershusstranda
0150 Oslo
Phone + 47 22331131


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