19  October  2018

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Fantoft Process Technologies AS

Fantoft Process Technologies is a leading supplier of dynamic process simulation services and systems for the development and operation of upstream oil and gas fields, LNG plants and transportation pipelines. The dynamic life-cycle simulator D-SPICE is the basis for its business areas'specialist studies, deliveries of engineering and operator training simulators and pipeline management systems. D-SPICE covers the total chain of value by full reutilization of all simulation models, from field development to plant operations.

Dynamic Simulations and Simulators

Fantoft offers a unique level of expertise in model and simulator technology. The ever-increasing water depths and greater complexity of new fields represent challenges in terms of development and operation. For about 20 years, Fantoft has been involved in a number of the largest and most demanding projects in the oil and gas industry. The D-SPICE software includes the most powerful and well-proven plug-in of the OLGA 2000 multiphase pipeline simulator on the market. The D-SPICE/OLGA integration has proven to be robust, accurate and fast.

Fantoft is involved in the whole LNG supply chain from upstream gas fields via liquefaction plants and transportation by ships/pipelines to regasification terminals and distribution pipelines to consumers.

Pipeline Management Systems

Fantoft delivers model-based Pipeline Management Systems for single- and multiphase pipelines, comprising a broad range of real-time calculation and monitoring functions such as leak detection and look-ahead simulations, as well as tools for planning and optimization.

Hamangskogen 60
1338 Sandvika
Phone + 47 67804800


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