21  February  2020

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Det Norske Veritas AS

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is a global provider of services for managing risk. Established in 1864, DNV is an independent foundation with the objective of safeguarding life, property and the environment. DNV comprises 300 offices in 100 countries and has 7,000 employees. DNV Energy is one of four business areas in DNV alongside DNV Maritime, DNV Industry and DNV IT Risk Management.

Managing Risk Worldwide

DNV's services provide high quality solutions for managing business-critical risks, enhancing business performance and improving safety and environmental performance. The company's broad industrial experience extends across the following segments:

?Deep and ultra deepwater field development
?MOUs and FPSOs
?Fixed structures
?Offshore and onshore pipelines
?Natural gas/LNG
?Refining and petrochemicals
?Cleaner energy and renewables
?Arctic operations and technology

DNV Services to the Energy Industry
DNV's services include:
Enterprise Risk Management
?Company-wide risk management
?Integrated risk management
?Project risk management
?Change management and process improvement
?Due diligence

SHE Risk Management

?Management systems and performance standards
?Technical risk and consequence assessment
?Emergency planning, response and investigation
?Human factors and occupational health
?Environmental impact and risk assessment

Operations Excellence

?Investment risk and solution screening
?Asset technology and lifecycle economics
?Performance forecasting
?Asset appraisal
?Operation optimization
?Lifetime extension
?Asset safety system reliability

Offshore Classification

?Classification related to building and operation of MOUs and FPSOs
?Classification of tanker conversions to FPSOs


?Risk-based plant verification
?Risk-based subsea verification
?Risk-based structures and facilities verification
?Risk-based pipeline verification
?Product verification
?Marine operation verification and warranty services
?Rules/standards/regulations consulting

Technology Qualification

?Qualification of new technical solutions
?Materials technology
?Technical analysis
?Development of technical standards
?Laboratory services

IT Risk Management

?IT service management
?Software process improvement
?Information security
?Information management


?Risk management
?Materials and corrosion
?Industry standards and recommended practices
?Safety management
?Management systems


?Management system certification
?Climate change
?Corporate responsibility

DNV serves the energy industry from more than 40 primary locations worldwide. In addition, DNV Energy draws on DNV's entire worldwide network of 300 offices in 100 countries.

Postboks 300
1323 Hvik
Phone + 47 67579900


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