28  February  2020

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Corrocean ASA

CorrOcean is a leading supplier of monitoring products, systems and related services to the oil and gas industry. The company's state-of-the-art condition monitoring equipment is used worldwide in demanding applications such as ultra-deepwater production, topside processing, onshore refining and pipelines. Combining extensive industry competence and experience with innovative monitoring technology enables CorrOcean to provide its customers with solutions that reduce risk, increase safety, improve environmental performance and enhance profitability.

Specialized Technologies & Solutions

By providing highly accurate and reliable data, CorrOcean's specialized monitoring technologies and sensors form the cornerstone for effective operations, including flow assurance and smart field operations. From subsea wellheads to onshore production, refining and pipeline transport, CorrOcean technology provides the necessary information for the operator to make informed decisions and take the correct preventive actions. Across the oil and gas supply chain, CorrOcean offers specialized technologies and solutions for critical monitoring applications.


For subsea applications, CorrOcean's SenCorr sensors monitor corrosion, sand production, erosion, pressure, temperature and flow force. With SenCorr multi-measurement sensors, more process information is available from a single subsea connection.

CorrOcean's unique FSM (Field Signature Method) system monitors corrosion on and within an actual subsea flowline or pipeline in real-time. FSM measures localized and generalized corrosion, and quantifies corrosion, cracking, pitting and erosion in the pipe ?even on welds.

Offshore & Onshore

A full range of CorrOcean products are available for production platforms and onshore facilities, including sensors, conditioning monitoring systems, pipeline fittings, retrieval equipment, probes and coupons, corrosion meters, loggers and a topside version of FSM technology. Advanced communications equipment, data retrieval and presentation software from CorrOcean provide accurate and detailed analysis.


Continuous, non-intrusive monitoring of a pipe wall is achieved with CorrOcean's FSM system for surface applications. By inducing an electrical current into selected sections of a pipe or structure, FSM monitors changes in the electrical field pattern. A portable inspection tool, FSM-IT, is also available for evaluating asset integrity without dismantling equipment, grinding off coatings or refitting insulation.

CorrOcean is an international company with offices in Norway, the United States and Italy, and with representatives in many countries around the world.

Postboks Teglgården
7485 Trondheim
Phone + 47 73825000


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