23  January  2019

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Complex Flow Design AS

Complex Flow Design AS is a provider of consulting services to the energy industry. The company provides contract research and development services within numerical simulations and analysis. Complex Flow Design develops state-of-the-art methods and software tools for making realistic numerical simulations of multi-phase flow in process, hydraulic and sedimentation engineering. The framework for these numerical simulations is based upon the general purpose computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software suite Flow-3D?developed by Flow Science Inc., USA. Complex Flow Design AS is an associate partner of Flow Science Inc. in Norway.

3D Numerical Forward Modelling

Complex Flow Design AS develops a 3D numerical forward modelling tool for numerical simulation of submarine sediment gravity flows (massflows) that serves as a robust predictive tool to:

?Test play concepts and reduce uncertainty of geological models
?Improve the understanding of massflow processes
?Simulate transport and spatial distribution of sediments
?Model complex reservoir heterogeneities
?Perform sensitivity and risk analysis

Offshore Production & Process

Complex Flow Design AS provides analysis of offshore separation and performs detailed numerical simulations of oil/water/gas separators. The CFD-based simulator SoS ?
Separation offshore Survey ?is the basis for these specialized studies.

The services for gravity separators offshore include:

?Analysis for design or redesign of separators at fixed and floating production systems according to NORSOK Standard P-100 for separator design
?Detailed modelling and simulation of fluid-flow distribution and separation behaviour
?Verification of the efficiency of separators to avoid short-circuiting, mixing and stagnant spaces

Many practical, design and redesign applications for gravity separators may be performed by CFD modelling and simulations. Examples of these are:
?Development of vessel inlet configurations that improve the uniformity of gas and liquids flow
?Separator design sensitivity to changes in operating conditions
?Influence of internal equipment on hydraulic efficiency and separation performance

Postboks 1273 , Pirsenteret
7462 Trondheim
Phone + 47 73546366


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