28  February  2020

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Zhejiang Jiaxing Zhongda Group Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Jiaxing Zhongda Group Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in integrated RD, industry export and import businesses. Zhejiang Jiaxing Zhongda Group Co., Ltd has been engaged in stainless steel industry for more than twenty
years. The products can be widely used for fluid transport, boiler & heat exchanger, structure tube in the field of chemical, petroleum, medicament, nuclear power, shipbuilding and papermaking. Its stainless steel strip can be used to manufacture chemical equipment, mechanism and household ware. Zhejiang Jiaxing Zhongda Group Co., Ltd has great capability in R&D and manufacturing metal-electronic material, including figure-anamnesis alloy, soft magnetic, alloy and special stainless steel, super-low-carbon steel, which are for kinescope, molectronics, communications setting, with and control unit.

Products and Services

Main Products:

seamless and stainless steel pipe
stainless steel srip
stainless steel household utensil

Contact: Wu Liyang
Add: No.88 Huyan Road, Baibu Town, Haiyan City, Zhejiang Province, P.R.China
Tel: 86-573-6776867 86-573-6776804 86-573-6776773
Fax: 86-573-6776740
E-mail: support@zhongdasteel.com


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