23  February  2020

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Nanjing Automation Research Institute (NARI)

Nanjing Automation Research Institute (NARI) is a key comprehensive scientific research institute affiliated to the State Grid Corporation of China. Its main tasks are to carry on theoretical research, application of new technologies and development of new products in the fields of electric power system and its automation, and water resources & hydroelectric power monitoring and control. NARI is the prop unit of both the National Engineering Research Center for Power Automation (NERC) established by the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC, and the National Engineering Research Center for Electric Power System Automation-Control and Economic Operation (NERC-EPSACEO) set up by the National Development and Reform Commission. NARI is also one of the best research institutes in China in terms of operational efficiency and comprehensive strength. With top-grade qualification in computer information system integration, NARI is also a key high-tech enterprise of China Torch Program, and ranks among China' top 100 Enterprises in Electricity and Software Field. At present, Nanjing Automation Research Institute and NARI Group Corporation are operated under incorporate management.

NARI has 15 branch research institutes, 13 branch companies and 11 subsidiary companies. NARI also established research and industrial bases in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, etc. NARI acquired ISO 9001: 1994 Quality System Certification in 1997, and ISO 9001: 2000 Quality System Certification in 2002.

At present, Nanjing Automation Research Institute (NARI Group Corporation) is developing in the same pace with international advanced level in the fields of power system relay protection, power system stability analysis and control, power system dispatch, substation automation, hydro power plant and cascade dispatch automation, power market technical support system, power metering & billing system, supervisory control system of the city railway power supply, hydrological telemetering and environmental monitoring, generator electric control and power electronics technology, dam safety monitoring, IT for the power enterprises, power system communication, rural power network automation, distribution automation, thermal power plant control, supervisory control of the civic and environmental protection, etc.

Products and Services

Power System Relay Protection
Power System Stability Control
Power System Transi...
Power System Supervisory Control
Power System Applic...
Hydro Power Plant Supervisory Control
Power Market Technical Support System
Metro Subway Power Supervisory Control System
Hydrological Telemetering
Generator Electric Control
Dam & Geotechnical Engineering Monitoring
IT for the Power Enterprises
Power Enterprise Ma...
Power Real Time Da...
Power System Communication
Thermal Power Plant Control
Supervisory Control of Civic and Environmental Protection

Add: No.8 Nari Road,Nanjing P.O.Box 323, Nanjing, China
P.C.: 210003
Tel: 86-25-83092323
Fax: 86-25-83462326
Email: International@nari-China.com


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