23  February  2020

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Hebi Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

Hebi Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., which has a mining history of 45 years, is a large state-owned coal enterprise.. After more than 45 years' development and construction, Hebi Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd has been developed into a large-scale group corporation dealing with coal, electricity, railway transportation, building materials, chemical, metallurgy, textile, machinery etc.

So far, it has established more than 10 backbone non-coal enterprises which produce more than 1000 products, involving in ten industries such as electricity power, building materials, metal metallurgy, machinery machining, chemical, electronic instruments, farming, forestry and breeding, etc. Among them, interlobular lens, television monitoring and controlling equipment, magnesium and alloy thereof, ferrosilicon, and cotton yarn etc. have been exported to Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions.

Products and Services

Coal: meager coal, lean meager coal
MT107.6-85 for steamer industrial boiler
Cotton Cloth
Steal Cable
Steal Wire
Flameproof conveyer belt
Square Meter

Industrial Explosive
No.2 and 3 grade emulsion explosives

Electric Detonator: Industrial Electric Detonator
No.8 Instantaneous Electric Detonator
No.8 Millisecond-delay Electric Detonator

Belt Conveyer
Drag-link Conveyer
Winding Machinery
Dispatching Wind
Support Machinery for Coal Mine
Agricultural Machinery
Artificial Intraocular Lens

Add: No. 98, Red Flag Street, Hebi City, Henan Province, P.R.China.
Tel: +86(0) 392 2914977
Fax: +86(0) 392 2915237
E-mail: shengyuan @ 371.net
hbmyjt @public2.zz.ha.cn


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