28  February  2020

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Jiangsu Jingjiang Activator Factory

The Jing jiang Actirator Industrial complex established in 1984. It is situated in the north suburbs in Jing Jiang Jiangsu.

It is a catalyst manufaturer engaged in production of purifying agent and catalyst.

Products and Services

1 JT201 Organic sulfur hydro-conversion catalyzer
2 JT203 Hydrodesulfurization and arsenic removal catlyzer
3 JT305 Zinc oxide desulfurizer
4 JT305-1 Normal temperature zinc oxide desulfurizer
5 JB302 Sulfur-proof low temperature conversion catlyst
6 T701 Normal temperature ferric oxide desulfurizer
7 JT4 Series antichlor
8 JAN Series nickel hydrogenation catalysts
9 JPA Series palladium aluminum hydrogenation catalysts
10 JPC Series palladium carbon hydrogenation catalysts
11 JT801 Deamination agent
12 JC207 Methanol synthetic catalyst
13 JC301 Methanol synthetic catalyst
14 JT Dexidizer
15 Nickel hydroge-ation catalyst

Contact: Fan Xiaofeng
Add: North Suburb, Jingjiang City, Jiang Su Province, P.R.China
Tel: 86-523-4521185
Fax: 86-523-4521135
E-mail: fanxiaofeng1@hotmail.com


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