23  February  2020

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Xinjiang Mudlogging Company of Xinjiang Petroleum Administrative Bureau

Xinjiang Mudlogging Company is a leading specialized technical enterprise in logging services as well as geological research in China. Ever since the company was founded as the first Chinese professional service group in 1979, it has been committed to explore oil & gas reserves, and to ensure security at every stage and deliver the highest possible return for owners and operators of international oil industry. During nearly 20 years' development, it has accumulated a great deal of tried mud logging experience and powerful expertise through working in various harsh environment and cooperation with domestic and international clients.

It is the most productive company in China. It has developed TOPLOG2.0 mud logging software and FISHER criterion interpretation application and computer neural net techniques etc, which are some of the representative powerful systems for geology, drill engineering and formation pressure data processing and interpretation. The mud logging units manufactured and related programs have been sold to Qinghai, Yumen, Sichuan, Tarim oil fields, etc.

The company has provided mudlogging services for more than 700 wells and has significant oil & gas findings in several decades. XJLOG has begun to provide mud logging and pressure engineering services in Pakistan and Kazakhstan from 2004 and got a good reputation from employers.

Products and Services

Xin Jiang Mudlogging Company (XJLOG) is a professional service company which is engaged on mud logging services, geological research and mud logging technology development.

Now the main new techniques and methods are as follows:

Real-time Gas Evaluation Technique, Troublesome Well Logging Technique, Natural Gas Logging and Identification Techniques, Fluorescence Spectrometer Technique, Pyrolysis-Chromatograph Analysis Technique, Log Plot Computerized Output Technique, Data Satellite Transmission Technique and Core Scanning Technique.

At present, services provided by the company are:

a) gas logging£¨total gas,chromatography-C1-C5¡¢CO2,H2 and H2S£©;
b) drilling engineering logging£¨WOB, RPM, SPP, etc£©;
c) safety drilling monitoring£¨formation pressure evaluation, poisonous gas and potential accident forecasting£©;
d) mud fluid logging£¨density, viscosity, temperature, conductivity, pit volume etc£©;
e) geology£¨ROP, cuttings, core and bolehole core descriptions, fluorescence, formation evaluation, oil- gas-water analysis);
2.Special logging:
a) OSA on well site;
b) P-K on well site;
c) QFT on well site;
d) oil Fluorescence analysis;
e) hydrocarbon spectroscopy analysis;
f) Pyrolysis-Chromatograph;
g) Oil-base drilling fluid logging, under balanced formation pressure drilling logging£¨including foam and air fluid logging£©£»h) level and directional well mud logging services£»3. Logging application software developing;
4. Geology supervising;
5. Mud logging data compositive evaluation;
6. Lab analysis;
7.Data Satellite Transmission;
8.Mudlogging unit manufacturing;
9. Core scorning and photography

Contact: Liu Junwu
Add: No.2 Nanxin Road, Karamay City, Xinjian Province, P.R.China
Tell: +86-990-6840411
Fax: +86-990-6840411
Cell Phone: 13909904659
E-mail: ljw_620218@sina.com


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