28  February  2020

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Drilling Company of Tuha Petroleum Exploration and Development Corporation

Tuha Oil drilling, a subsidiary of TPEDC, evolved from the discovery and exploitation of its earliest oilfield-Yumen oilfield, is a specialized service and technology development integrated company focusing on oil and gas drilling. During the past 60 years, The company has performed oil drilling and exploration works in Yumen, Jiuquan, Haishiwan, Minle, Hami, Shanshan, Tucson, Turpan, Karamaiyi, Chao-shui, Yablai and Santangtu successively. It has completed more than 4,000 wells and set up several hundreds of national drilling records, drilled footage over 12 million meters. Annual drilling capacity exceeds 700,000 meters.

The company also has powerful logistic department engaged in drilling technology service, mud service, cementing service and well site construction, drill string maintenance, machine repair etc.

In recent years, the company has opened up its oil drilling and workover market of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

Products and Services

The company is mainly engaged in drilling, mud and cementing technology services. These technology include single bend screw compound drilling technology, pre-bend drill string controlled deviation drilling technology, window-cutting sidetracked well drilling technology, horizontal well drilling technology, cluster well drilling technology, large section coalbed safe drilling technology, pressure coring technology, deviating well coring technology, accident treatment technology, KCC-TH Anti-sloughing drilling fluid, polyalcohol drilling completion fluid, no clay drilling completion fluid, intelligent gelatin sealing technology, MTC cementing technology, foamed cement cementing technology, salt-resistance cement slurry cementing technology, low density and high strength cement cementing technology, high density cement slurry cementing technology etc. , as well as workover, well site construction, rig repair, drilling string repair and transportation etc.

Contact: Xie Tao, Zhang Bin
Add: No.805 Xincheng Road, Shanshan County, Xinjiang Province, P.R.China
Tel: +86-995-8373582
E-mail xietzj@tuha.net/ge_zb2004@126.com


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