20  August  2019

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Productivity Enhancement Technology Through Fishbone Structure In Micro-holes
Productivity enhancement through fishbone structures in micro-holes is an innovative technology in open-hole completion. Through application of water jet techniques, multiple microscopic flexible hoses can be deployed into reservoir formation to enhance conductivity. In this way, properties of reservoir formation can be promoted effectively through simple processes with low operation cost. In the concerned research, basic principles, structures of major tools and characteristics of productivity enhancement using fishbone structures in micro-holes have been reviewed to highlight core technologies for productivity enhancement. Key components of the innovative technology include fixture design for main and branch pipes, selection of optimal materials for branch lines, sealing design for both main and branch pipes, structural design for micro-jet, design of composite rock breaker and design of hydraulic anchor. Field application results show the productivity enhancement technology with fishbone structures in micro-holes can be deployed in coal-bed, carbonate rock, sandstone and other reservoirs. The innovative technique can enhance productivity by 8.3 times in carbonate reservoir. Research on and solution to key technical challenges has formed the technologies for productivity enhancement through fishbone structures in micro-holes independently, based on lab test and field application. These technologies may provide technical support for high-efficiency development of low-permeability reservoir.

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