28  February  2020

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A Fracture Identification Method Based On S-wave Velocity Difference
When well drilling is performed in the strata with developed fractures and micro-fractures (e.g., igneous rocks), pipe sticking happens now and then due to wellbore sloughing and collapse, and consequently the drilling safety and construction schedule are affected badly. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to figure out the distribution of fractures in strata so as to design casing program rationally and make use of drilling technologies properly. The quantitative fracture probability distribution calculation method based on the acoustic logging data was developed after the relationship between the acoustic velocity and rock mechanical characteristic parameters was analyzed in detail. Then, the correction method for the influence of well diameter on acoustic time was put forward after its influential mechanisms were investigated. Finally, the fracture identification model based on the acoustic logging data was established and applied to two deep exploration wells in the Junggar Basin. It is shown that fractures can be identified more accurately by using this new method, for its fracture identification result is in good consistence with well diameter distribution. The effect of well diameter change on acoustic time is so strong that it should be corrected during data processing. Based on this new method, fractures can be identified by using conventional acoustic logging data. Obviously, it provides a new approach to fracture identification for some old wells with conventional logging data only.

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