22  April  2018

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A Combined Technology Of Normal Temperature Cleaning And Microbial treatment For Oil-based Drilling Cuttings
Oil-based drilling fluids are widely used in the exploration and development of unconventional oil and gas resources owing to their advantages of strong inhibition, good lubricity, high temperature resistance, contamination resistance, safety and high-speed drilling. However, the cuttings are seriously emulsified and cannot be recovered easily with high content of mineral oil, so they are challenges to treatment and environmental protection. Based on the physical properties of different types of oil-based drilling cuttings, a device for field processing of oil-based drilling cuttings was developed experimentally by integrating three technologies, including demulsification cleaning by high-efficiency cleaning agent, oil-water-solid separation and microbial oil elimination. Correspondingly, a combined technology of normal temperature cleaning and microbial treatment was formed. Test on the oil-based cuttings of four wells indicates that the oil recovery ratio is above 85%, and total petroleum hydrocarbon content of residues is less than 2% after cleaning. After it is treated further with microbes for 30 days, TPH of residues drops to below 0.3%. All these results meet the related requirements. To sum up, this combined technology contributes to the recycling of oil and the harmless disposal of residues. With this technology, the environmental protection problems involved in oil-based drilling cuttings are solved effectively, and the composite cost of drilling engineering is reduced. Therefore, this technology is promising in its popularization and application.

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