28  February  2020

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A Monitoring Method For Torque And Drag Of Extended Reach Wells
The key to the successful drilling of an extended-reach well lies in the monitoring and control of downhole torque and drag. At present, the analysis on torque and drag is still at the stage of prediction and the real-time monitoring and analysis while drilling is not mature. The real-time torque and drag monitoring method was studied after the torque and drag were predicted. In the process of drilling, the hook loads were continuously recorded for lifting, lowering an rotating off bottom at stand connection. Besides, the torque was recorded for the combined drilling and the rotating off the bottom at different depths. All the recorded values were marked on the torque and drag monitoring chart. In this way, the contrast curve was first drawn between the real-time monitoring data and theoretical calculation data, then was used to evaluate the wellbore conditions (e.g., hole cleaning degree, hole shrinkage and well collapse), so that the performance of drilling fluids, the smoothness of well trajectories and the service conditions of friction reducing tools could be known about. This method was tested on site in Well Zhuang 129-1HF. It is shown that this well was drilled successfully with its torque and drag controlled effectively by circulating drilling fluids, conducting short trips, adjusting properties of drilling fluids, increasing lubricant content and optimizing bottom hole assemblies at the hole sections with larger torque and drag. It is concluded that this real-time torque and drag monitoring method can provide a powerful technical support for the safe, high-quality and high-efficiency drilling of extended-reach wells.

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