28  February  2020

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Gas Recovery Technology By Water Drainage At Subsea Wellheads In Offshore Marginal Gas Fields
For cost reduction in gas recovery by water drainage at subsea wellheads in offshore marginal gas fields and economic benefit increase, four technologies of gas recovery by water drainage (i.e., foam, gas lift with high-pressure gas source, gas lift with high-pressure neighboring wells, and gas lift assisted foam) were applied at subsea wellheads, together with certain supporting facilities (i.e., sub-sea wellhead umbilical cable systems and chemical agent injection systems), and by referring to advanced practices in China and abroad. Then, the corresponding technical process was considered and designed. Application results show that subsea gas wells are economical, reliable and efficient when the above four technologies are applied. Moreover, workover operation is unnecessary when gas wells move into the stage of gas recovery by water drainage. Therefore, the cost of gas recovery is reduced and the recovery factor of marginal gas fields is increased. Obviously, they can be used to develop subsea water-production gas wells in marginal gas fields. It is concluded that at the stages of design and construction of offshore marginal gas field development projects, it is necessary to make adequate prediction and evaluation on the lift-cycle development situations of gas fields and to determine the appropriate artificial lift modes. Umbilical cables, subsea wellhead valves, production pipe strings and gas lift valves should meet the technical requirements of gas recovery by water drainage at the middle-late development stages of gas fields. These technologies provide support for deepwater oil and gas development in the South China Sea.

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